Infant Neurosensory Development

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Including memory (Wellheads). This article elaborates on ways to help stimulate the infant’s brain for optimal brain growth and development One of the ways included making sure the infant got ample ERM sleep. Genes also play an important role in the brain development. When babies are exposed to such toxins as smoke and alcohol it deprives the brain and can alter the developmental process. Four contextual elements assist understanding of Infant development: genetics, environment, stimulation, and relationships.

I found It Interesting that “Colonization also plays a critical role In development, even before birth. The circuitry of the brain is developed through stimulation presented with adequate intensity, repetition, and duration to create and amplify the neural connections which are stored in short-term and, eventually, in long-term memory. Learning occurs through successive memories which arise from the connections between neurons that have been strengthened by repeated stimulation (Fields 2005). Pl 76”.

I liked this article because it broke everything down into different categories of brain development and it relates to what we have been studying in relation to theorist. “The Brain combines concepts from two major theorists. Viscosity (1978) claimed that 90% of learning occurs from the influence of the ;proximal environment” which encompasses approximately a five foot circumference around the infant.

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