Industrialization; Case Study: Manchester

factory system
manufacturing goods in a central location. brought in job seekers
city building & the movement of people to cities built around water & mills
most important city in Britain, population exploded because of people looking for work
living conditions
lacked adequate housing, education and police.
time spent working
14 hours a day, 6 days a week
dangers of working
boiler exploding, drive belt catching arm, unsanitary, no government aid for injury, tuberculosis, lung cancer, children growing up deformed, scoliosis
middle class
new social class of skilled workers, professionals, business people & wealthy farmers
upper middle class
made up of government employees, doctors, lawyers, etc.
middle middle class
neither rich nor poor, well off
lower middle class
factory overseers, skilled workers, comfortable living
poor conditions, replaced by machines
attacked factories in England, destroyed machines to protest
Factory Act
restricted working age to 12 years old & hours
caused by burning coal. blackened air, polluted rivers
consumer goods
created wealth on a grand scale