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The need for morale in almost every area of life cannot be underestimated. Effectiveness in work depends largely on one’s ability and capacity to perform and execute the job. And when a person feels, and is confident of his or her effectiveness, the morale of that person is significantly high. In today’s work atmosphere where technology is quickly transforming, updating is the one thing that every working person must do.

Since efficiency at work is directly related to one’s skills, the constant honing of those skills (updating) must become part of working environment, or else, workers will lag behind their work and in the end lose the morale needed to sustain one’s self at work, and this eventually will reflect in the total outcome of the work in general. Since there are three critical psychological states affected and may alter workers’ drive, according to experts of the subject, the workers’ three psychological states must be addressed within the parameters of the work itself.

To deal with the overall outlook or the psyche of workers, the nature of job must be identified. Corresponding to three critical psychological states, there are also three Core Job Dimensions that influence these Three Psychological States. Consequently, these may be divided under three categories: 1) Skill variety, Task identity, and Task significance, 2) Autonomy, and 3) Feedback. When each category is properly addressed, the whole attitude changes to the better – to a more positive outlook (Berry, 1993).

For example, it is under Skill variety, Task identity, Task significance, that an employee “experiences meaningfulness of the work. ” When all the potential skills of the person are utilized to a high degree and which result to significant outcomes, a vital part of the consciousness is dealt accurately. Moreover, in work environment where an employee is given the necessary leeway to apply prudence and being held accountable (Autonomy), a meaningful work experience is felt, and thus another critical psychological state is addressed correctly.

Lastly, are there built-in feedbacks within the company that enables the whole working force to determine whether the result of their work is satisfactory or not (Feedback)? These Three Core Job Dimensions when dealt with properly have direct effect to the morale of workers. They powerfully shape one’s view of work/job and hence have their bearing on works overall result.


Berry, Lilly M. 1993. Psychology at Work: An introduction to Industrial & Organizational psychology. 2nd ed. Ch. 14. New York: McGraw Hill.

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