Industrial Engineering in Operational Research

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Anyways, this is how the manufacturing vector steps in; the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. Manufacturing sector deals mainly with production. Yes, production of anything and everything. With some studies conducted by the economic sector on what Is needed and on demand, the management of a specific manufacturing company would then dictate to the operation department on what to produce and how much of it. Since there is a manufacturing company wherever you point your finger on the globe, much competition is expected. In this case, the concept of industrial engineering is realized.

With their motto of Making Things Better, industrial engineers adopt philosophies for productivity improvement as well as quality enhancement to give advantage to the company they serve. This Is due to the fact that Industrial Engineering offers the best of both worlds; engineering and business according to make. . Org. In line with this, curiosity drives most people to understand how it is related to administering a company specifically the applications of industrial engineering in aspects like operational research and management science in manufacturing companies.

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