Individual Learning Plan: My Goals
Individual Learning Plan: My Goals

Individual Learning Plan: My Goals

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  • Published: November 3, 2021
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According to Heward (2009), Individual learning Plan is a learning strategy that takes into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the student. It addresses the needs of different people differently as they are not the same. Its emphasis on my role as a student in terms of learning experience has been revealed in research to be very important to a productive learning experience. After my interaction with the teacher, individual learning plan has helped me to achieve the following:

Incorporate the long-term goals of the student: As a student, there are long-term goals that need to be incorporated and this has been facilitated by ILP hence enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the task.

Give morale on the aspirations of students: ILP has highly influenced the attitude and behavior in as far as my endeavors are concerned. It inputs good and positive attitude in me such that my mood towards a particular thing changes to the better even if it is difficult.

It has also performed other important functions in my career such as saving as well as reflecting service, career planning activities, work experience and extracurricular activities. All these ensure that I have acquired the basics and thus be all round-person. This has actually acted as a driving force to me to carry on with the process of teaching in order to acquaint myself with more knowledge and insight. The plans that I have set for continual improvement are first, to regularly be attending training programs and seminars as they will discuss issues that bo


ost my knowledge and insight concerning the profession. Secondly, I have decided to continue with the teaching practice for quite a longer period of time so as to gain a good experience in my career. In the process of teaching, I will come across various materials both written and unwritten full of information that is vital for adding my knowledge (Arends, 2014).

In the course of my individual learning plan, I had set a number of targets of which some could not be met. For instance, use of advanced technology to undertake my activities. The technology level was not very high and implementation of such activities was very difficult; adopting the then technology was difficult due to a number of factors: high cost of acquiring the facilities and media for advanced technology (Schmeck, 2013). The access and cost for acquiring things like computer which would have helped me a lot was very difficult keeping in mind the operation as well as the installation costs are high. It also required that I undergo some training programs to acquire knowledge on the usage of the facilities. This was limited by the time factor and the cost.

However, I have sought for solution for the both of the drawbacks. For instance, in case of shortage of time problem, I have set aside specific time that I go for training on how to operate such a machine and am now competent where I opt to be excellent in just within a short duration from today. On the other hand, the cost of acquiring and operating the modern technology devices is moving down due to competition

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in the market. This has enabled me to be in a position to purchase some which enables me carry out my tasks with a lot of ease, efficiency and in a fast way.

There is quite a big difference when I compare my initial with current ratings. Initially, the knowledge I had was low as compared to the one I have now due to more teaching experience hence acquiring knowledge, attending training and seminar programs has also boosted my skills. I can now undertake things or tasks in a more professional and efficient manner. When comparing these two results in ratings, I gain various insights that add up to my welfare in my knowledge and skills. For example, I tend to point out viable methods or strategies that can be adopted to enhance my individual Learning Plan; use of online materials for research and learning, especially acquiring those related with my course, like a certain topic that is relevant to the area or topic I want to study, can help me in my profession to not only acquire knowledge but also to increase efficiency and effectiveness in my career and in building my skills and knowledge. I have also realized that exchange of ideas with people in the same profession can add more knowledge and therefore I have decided to implement it with immediate effect. All these will contribute towards knowledge and skills addition (Arends, 2014).

Some of the other areas that I want to target in order to ensure continuous improvement in Professional Dispositions, Technology Proficiencies and NBPTS are investing in them. This will entail setting aside a particular amount of money to be used for the actual fulfillment of these three sections. Time will also be devoted for the same tasks so as to accomplish them. The following goals are set for the achievement of the above sections:

Technology proficiencies

  • To minimize cost in operation
  • To achieve efficiency
  • To save time in operation
  • To acquire new insights from various sources


  • To enhance knowledge and skills through sharing ideas
  • To achieve the required teaching standards within a short period of tim
    To enhance efficiency in the career

Professional Dispositions

  • To adapt to changes so as to acquire knowledge
  • To maintain the social status of the profession
  • To enhance efficiency in the profession


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