Inconsistency in Incidents

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Riptech and SecurityFocus takes into account a subset of around 400 companies across 30 countries (Higgins, 2002). Both Riptech and SecurityFocus’s focus is on a median set where the threats are balanced in nature. As they take a median set the survey results are quite different than other surveys. They also consider the following parameters for the judgment:

1. Industry Classification

2. Company size

3. Company ownership

4. Client tenure

The above criteria’s are used for fetching the large scale analysis of data for security purposes. They also take into account attack severity and attack aggression which are the crucial factors for defining the attacks on average firm.

However CSI/FBI survey drills down to per employee ratio and enables a micro view of the security attacks (Lawrence, 2007). It enables the security analysis to focus on per employee factor for every organization and enables right judgment towards security threats. The classification of the respondents is done at its best which is one of the crucial factors for tapping the correct outcome.

Therefore the inconsistency is due to the large scale factors undertaken by the Riptech and SecurityFocus which focus on a subset of companies and thus their count is pretty higher. It is advantageous but at the same time overwhelming for the organization. However, CSI/FBI drills down to per employee threat level analysis which serves greater good but often eliminates the risks and threats for any process.

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