Importance of Non- Verbal Communication

Paraphrase 1: text from a chapter in a book The importance of non-verbal communication (chapter4) Communication can be identified in various forms. The most common used in nursing practice is nonverbal. Non-verbal interactions could be identified in how the message could be displayed, for example, from the sender’s body language and the influence of the sender’s voice.

When nonverbal communication is displayed wrong, this would cause the patients to become emotionally disturbed, feeling helpless and worried for their wellbeing for example, if the sender is expressing the structures of the patients’ medical practice with a quick and flux intensity, this will support and evoke a sense of self-belief and could give the patients a meaningless message. When nurses Communicate with patients they should always have a calming and relaxed attitude. Stein-parbury, j. (2009). pantient & person 4rd interpersonal skills in nursing. elsevier: luisa cecotti.

Paraphrase 2: Text from a journal article First steps in skill development There are several steps in skill development, but the first one is the self-judgment before any other steps can be taken one has to be self-aware of their existing resources as a communicator and director of compensation and realize there is room for development. As this is a learning process the individual must know that to improve the skill of effective communication, conflict and control, all of thoes differences are achievable with the help of education, training and commitment, as this is a long process but it is an essential expertise in developing the potential to be successful and competent in communication, conflict and adopting to change.

As skilled professionals, understand the importance in treatment, as it is necessary to manage patient care. This leads to skill development to keep crucial conversations and the ability to handle complex situations. Thornby, d. (2006). Beginning the journey to skilled communication. AACN advanced critical care, 266-71.

Paraphrase 3: Text from a report Communication is a key factor in the healthcare system. As the health care system is becoming difficult, communication is the way in ensuring that patients are well cared for. To deliver, the appropriate health care, the use of a wide range of standard communications skills are required from interference, listening and being able to apply these general skills in a variety of situations. Even though there is more than one way to communicate that includes vocabulary and diagrams.

As long it is communicated correctly and understood, so the individual, patient or team have the appropriate access to sufficient information to perform their roles properly. This will allow the professionals to offer the right health care to the right patient and their family. The Victorian quality council . (2010). communication. Victorian Government: the Hospital and Health Service Performance Division, Victorian Government.