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Culture is the characteristic of group of people defined by everything such as linguistic communication, faith, lifestyle etc. Different people in different societies have different civilization but they besides have some similarities. The civilization varies in different things such as apparels, nutrients, faith and many others.

Culture is the individuality of a group of people populating in specific topographic point ; they have their ain study of life what the civilization says they follow that. We have seen that a batch of people do some specific thing they foremost thought about their civilization, what my civilization says on this juncture. Particularly on the juncture of nuptials, and some other observing yearss they follow purely their civilization. Those who do non follow their civilization or make some alterations in that, they have n’t give any values to them because they are non following their faith.

Different people define civilization in different ways, for illustration “ Culture: learned and shared human forms or theoretical accounts for life ; day- to-day life forms, these forms and theoretical accounts pervade all facets of human societal interaction. Culture is world ‘s primary adaptative mechanism ” 1. Another writer says that “ Culture is the corporate scheduling of the head which distinguishes the members of one class of people from another. ” 2. from these definitions it is clear that both explains the same thought but in different words, says that civilization is foremost learned after larning it is so shared so it ‘s a common fact that the younger first learn the civilization from their seniors and when these immature become seniors they transfer it to the following coevals. But the civilization learned it includes all the facets of human interaction and therefore it become the world ‘s adoptive mechanism. In the 2nd definition the writer says that the civilization is the scheduling of head so it includes everything related with the head scheduling and because of these different heads programming different group of people distinguish from each others.


Culture has its ain features ; we will discourse some of its features here.

  • Learnt
  • Shared
  • Social
  • Continuous
  • Adaptive
  • Varies


As we discussed earlier that civilization are learnt from their seniors, civilization is non the thing you study for it and you know it but it is merely the procedure you pass from it, after that you will cognize about the civilization. It is merely like the thing that inherited in person nature. All action the action we do like feeding, dressing have oning decorations etc is the consequence of civilization we learned. One writer says about larning civilization “ Babies and kids learn about their civilization by watching their parents and close household. They copy behavior they have seen and follow different functions ” 3 and that ‘s fact that babes and kids learned civilization by watching their parents and close household and so they apply these different functions in their Daily life and therefore accommodate their civilization.


Culture is something that is shared that is shared among groups of people. It is non the thing that person posses it separately. Culture is ever transferred through sharing so it mean that for reassigning the civilization the sharing is must. The sharing of civilization refers to the term called socialization harmonizing to writer “ Process of larning civilization is called socialization ” 4. Culture is shared in many ways ; the chief manner for reassigning the civilization is the linguistic communication. Language is the signifier of societal communicating and the cognition is transferred through group treatment, public speech production and informal communicating. The 2nd manner is the usage of communicating engineerings nowadays like Television, DVD, cyberspace etc drama besides of import function in sharing the civilization. These modern engineerings have exposed every civilization to the whole universe.


Culture is societal it is non the single phenomena. it is the merchandise of society and originates and grows through societal interaction. Something is differentiable to us through comparing, so for distinguishes civilization we have to compare it with some other so we will cognize about all facets of that civilization therefore the civilization must be societal and without it there is no construct of civilization. One writer says that “ civilization can be thought of as the normative order, runing through operational and societal influence, that usher and constrains the behaviour of people in collectives ” from above statement it is clear that civilization is the overall idea in a normative order, and these ideas are pass through several operational and societal influences, it means that their besides occur some alterations in civilization but these alterations are jointly and therefore people of that civilization follow their behaviour to the civilization.


Culture is the uninterrupted procedure, Culture is turning whole which includes in itself, the accomplishments of the past and present and makes proviso for the future accomplishments of world. Culture is the consequence of yesteryear and present alterations that occur in it, and therefore it absorb that alterations in itself and the civilization go the consequence of yesteryear and present experiences and the procedure continue to following coevals and so on. “ Hence some sociologists like Lotion called civilization the societal heritage of adult male ” 6.


Culture is ever adaptative, even alterations occur in civilization but is really slow procedure and by and large it is adaptative to all the people associated with that civilization. when their occur some alterations in the civilization so at the same clip people become usage to with it and therefore they feel nil about their civilization even people of other civilizations will says anything about that civilization but the people of that civilization they are adapt with it. One writer says about it that “ The biological alterations and accommodations are ever flexible to accommodate even in the rough conditions of the environment ” agencies that the alterations occur in the civilization is flexible, easy for everyone to follow.


Culture ever varies. All the elements of civilization like dressing, ways of feeding, talking etc varies from society to society. In every civilization there ever alterations occur in some interval of clip, about the alterations velocity is really slow but we ne’er say that civilization is non variable.

Types of civilization:

There are several types of civilization

  • Material civilization
  • Dressing
  • Food
  • Buildings
  • Non-material civilization
  • Language
  • Family
  • Religion
  • Education

Material civilization:

Material civilization includes all those things that people creates and gives intending to it. Material civilization include batch of things, some of them are given below:


Dressing is the of import thing in civilization. It identify the cultural society, for illustration when a alien from other state come to Pakistan and he know small about here civilization dressing so he will decidedly place the topographic point. Every civilization gives most importance to their civilization. They did non appreciate those who are non have oning their ain cultural frock.

Gradually the dressing importance is besides vanishing from the people. There a batch of people when they goes to the other cultural society, they adopt that and bury about their civilization. Harmonizing to my study I have done some yearss ago a batch of people say that we are non giving so much importance to our civilization. Nowadays the civilization is altering so much fast because of this ground that the people non giving so much importance to their civilization, particularly frock.


Harmonizing to the Colombia university imperativeness “ everything holding to make with foodaˆ”its gaining control, cultivation, readying, and consumptionaˆ”represents a cultural act ” 8 so decidedly nutrient when range to us first it pass from different phases like its cultivation, every civilization has its ain procedure of cultivation, capturing and readying. This mean that nutrient is besides one of the of import portion of the material civilization.


Building means building. Building besides plays of import function in civilization individuality. Different civilizations have different type of edifices. Some civilizations have large houses while some have little. There are besides some cultural people who do n’t build houses besides, all life they pass in different topographic points. Normally the cultural people from rural countries have large houses while those populating in the metropolis have little houses. The ground may be in rural countries the population is so much low and the topographic point available for the house is really inexpensive as comparison to the metropolis. May be of this ground this civilization is raised in the rural countries.

Non-material civilization:

Non-material civilization consists of ideas and behaviour that people learn as portion of the civilization they live in. It includes linguistic communication, regulations, imposts, household, faith or beliefs, values, and cognition. We will discourse some of them ;


Language is one of the most of import signifiers of material civilization, without linguistic communication there is no construct of civilization. Different civilizations have different speech production of linguistic communication. Even when the linguistic communication is same between the two civilizations but still there will be difference in speech production and one will easy difference between them. Sometime because of civilizations a big figure of civilizations are treated as one civilization, for illustration in Pakistan there is a batch of civilizations but still to the out states they treat every bit merely like one civilization and is known as Pakistani civilization. Even subcontinent is besides treated as one civilization but this in a specific juncture for illustration Asia is the largest subcontinent but the states outside the Asia besides says the words like Asiatic civilization and we says the European civilization or African civilization. Language is the root cause of civilization. Worlds learn their civilization through linguistic communication, the parents foremost learned linguistic communication to the childs after that they bit by bit besides learn their civilization.


Family is one of the most of import construct in the civilization. Different civilizations define household in different ways. Some says that those who have a blood relation with you is your household member, other says that merely your married woman and childs are included in your household. Harmonizing to an writer “ Anthropologists say a civilization ‘s biological and matrimonial affinity regulations and forms of mutual duties define household ” 9, the definition varies of different civilizations. The people from rural background define household in a big sense they include all of their relations in the household and those from urban background define household in a small narrow sense as compared to the urban background people.


Religion is the most of import in cultural society. In most of the civilization the faith is really respectful to all of the civilization members and they besides purely obey their faith. And the most respectful faith among all the civilization is Islam. Those civilizations that have Islam as faith they apply the order of Islam in their day-to-day life and largely these people led a really happy life without much resources. Harmonizing to my study a batch of my audience says that they follow their faith purely and says five clip supplications which is the most of import thing as considered to Islam, and those audiences whose faith was other than Islam they largely says that we are non so much following our faith.


Education besides play of import function in constructing a cultural society. Education is the basic demand of human. Without instruction humanity is non possible, hence about all the civilizations gives importance to instruction and they possess merely instruction for their success. But still there are besides so civilizations which do non gives focal point to instruction. Some civilizations give importance merely to boys instruction and non to female. The figure of these types of civilizations is diminishing easy. In general most civilizations gives importance to instruction and they love the educated people of their civilization.

Importance of civilization:

Culture has great importance. Culture is the individuality of the state, without civilization the society is impossible. An writer says about the importance of civilization that “ civilization is the set of familial and learned behaviour forms, beliefs, establishments and all other merchandises of human work and thought that qualify the operation of peculiar population, profession, organisation or community ” 10, so the lone representative of the peculiar community or population is the civilization. Culture is the basic root of any community which gives them the ways of life. The civilization provides solution to the critical job that is faced to community. Culture teach us to believe for the whole state non separately, it provide the construct of household, state etc.

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