Impact on World War One

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World War One had a great impact on civilisation. This war was one of the biggest wars at the time; it included six countries: Germany, France, Britain, Austria, Russia and Serbia. It had involved most European countries fighting for their own causes, whether it was fighting against Germany or with Germany. The war had lasted for four years from 1914 to 1918. Many new technologies were evolving during the world war and many countries were at an arms race.

Most countries were helping each other, for example England and France, not forgetting the British Empire helped as well which involved another five countries, which are Canada, Austria, West Indies, India and South Africa. The German had already planed the invasion of Belgium for twelve years ahead the war. The war started because the German leader, Kaiser, was jealous of the British Empire and wanted a greater one. The British got involved because the French were getting attacked by the Germans from all directions and in 1817, the British leader at that time signed an agreement saying that they had to help the French in difficult times.

This war effected the men greatly because this was the time to show there loyalty and commitment to the country. This was helped by the propaganda that was sent to them, telling them they had to for fill their duty and to show that they are men. In January 1916, Parliament passed the first conscription laws ever passed in Britain. At first only single men and childless widowers aged 18 to 41 were called up. By 1918 compulsory service had been extended to include all men aged 18 to 51.

More than 2. 3 million conscripts were enlisted before the end of the war in November, 1918. About 1 million men died during the war and this lead to wives being widows, children without fathers and parents without sons. During the war, the men lives’ were within the trenches. They eat, sleep and fight in these. But the conditions in the trenches were appalling. It was a claustrophobic place where many rats lived. It provided little shelter from the rain and the diseases spread like wild fire.

Many of the men suffered from these diseases, such as trench foot, and shell shock. Even when the war was finished the diseases didn’t go away and stayed with them for ever, people go mad and sometimes kill them selves. The bravery of the men during the war years was either high or low. If the men went to war, they will be praised by there parents and girlfriends. This will give them a psychological boost when they are fighting because they know they are fighting for a cause which affects them.

They will also get a physical emotion because they are fighting for their country. But the men that don’t go to war will loose out on all this and will be a reject from society. The war didn’t only affect the men, but it also affected women. Because all the men where out fighting, there were many factories and work places to be filled with workers. Now the ladies had to go and work at men’s work place, this was a massive change in society because women were not allowed to go and work.

This gave them a lot of pride and responsibility because they feel that they are help with the war by creating more guns, ammunition and some of them went to the battle fields to help the injured men. There position in society went up because they were allowed to work and earn money. This gave the freedom and respect; it also gave those more ideas in which they would want them selves to be treated. These ideas later on, changed laws such as women being allowed to vote. Men going to war will also affect their families and the number of relatives they have.

This will affect them psychologically because they fill sad and lonely having lees family. Many of them will become depressed because they will be worried about their sons and boyfriends. I conclude this by saying women were most affected by the war. I say this because if it weren’t for the fact that they got jobs in factories, which then gave them freedom, the women might have never changed the law which restricts them from voting. It also gave them an inspiration that they can do work just like men and that they can even make the own busyness; now a days women have better businesses then men.

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