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The coming of adult male on the planet demanded the necessities of life on Earth and to carry through these demands, adult male faced jobs of all kinds, nutrient and shelter being the basic or primary 1s. Man, all through his life, struggled for the same without equilibrating between his demand and greed. He ever tried to assume the resources of his fellow work forces and in making so created jobs for both himself and his fellow travelers on the simple stalking-horse, “ to carry through his secular desires ” .

This demand and greed syndrome of human history has been fundamentally responsible for assorted struggles, the adult male is confronted with all over the Earth even today ( twenty-first century ) the most civilised and high tech age, as all of us consider it so. As a consequence of the Kashmir conflict the cause of which is rooted in the unfair and unwise division of former India into two crowned head and now atomic states India and Pakistan, Thousands of widows and orphans were rendered helpless and hopeless. The demands and jobs of these hapless chaps are fundamentally the same as that of any normal human existences. A kid without male parent lacks the parental heat and has to endeavor for nutrient and shelter like his early fore-fathers ( nutrient gatherers ) besides his wellness attention, instruction and personality development. A widow needs a supplier and a defender as she has lost the one besides her basic demands of nutrient, shelter, and wellness attention.

The jobs and demands faced by widows and orphans in the vale of Kashmir as a effect of Kashmir struggle can be classified and described under assorted caputs like basic nutrient and shelter, educational, wellness attention, societal, psychological, and others.

Social deductions of widowhood

The assorted societal deductions of widowhood can be mentioned as follows:

Widows are looked down by the people

Widows are paid really less respect and are avoided

Widows are consciously stray and discriminated

Marital dealingss with widows are abhorred

Social limitations are consciously but informally imposed on widows

Widows are non welcomed on societal occasions like birth day of remembrance, matrimony and so on

Lot of superstitious notions are spread against the adult females

Widows are rated low in the matrimony market

Widows are denied their due rights

Widows are socially harassed

Equally far as the figure of widows and orphans is concerned in Kashmir, no comprehensive survey has been carried out in this respect, nevertheless, the lone research which has been conducted so far, was carried out by 8 bookmans under the supervising of Prof. B.A Dabla ( Deptt. of Sociology ) which was sponsored by the UK-based NGO, Save the Children Fund ( SCF ) . The survey comprises of 300 widows and 300 orphans from 6 territories of the Kashmir vale.

Harmonizing to Dr. B.A. Dabla, there are an estimated figure of 42,000 widows and 1,26,000 orphans. Out of these 42,000 widows 1800 belonged to military personal, 3600 to paramilitary security forces, 4200 to Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police ( JKAP ) and 32,400 to activists and civilians. The being of these widows and orphans was about ignorable before armed opposition broke in 1989 against Indian province. The figure increased at a really fast rate, but ab initio was non felt earnestly. This group emerged subsequently as one of the most important group numerically because of the direct consequence of the armed struggle. Each decease of a married individual left one widow and on an mean three kids behind apart from other dependants in the household which include the parents, single brothers and sisters ( if any ) , etc of the asleep individual.

Widows and orphans in the vale of Kashmir can be divided into the undermentioned sub-groups:

Wifes and kids of the common civilian, who were either killed by Indian armed forces or by activists or were killed in the cross fires between activists and Indian forces.

Wifes and kids of the activists.

Wifes and kids of activist turned counter-insurgents ( locally called as renegades ) .

Wifes and kids of Indian armed forces.

Wifes and kids of Jammu and Kashmir Police and province undertaking force.

All these groups of widows and orphans are populating a life of suffering and hapless conditions. The state of affairs can be characterised with the characteristics which include utmost poorness, economically dependants, easy to work, favoritism, etc.

Professor Dabla argues that the first and the most of import job these widows and orphans are confronting is of shelter. Neither the patri-kins nor the matri-kins had taken attention of them after the decease of their father/husband. In many instances, familial belongings was besides denied. Besides, widow after losing their hubbies lost their beginning of income as good. They became economically debarred, particularly in the younger instances. In many instances, relations and friends kept back uping ab initio, but this support did n’t last long and they had no option other than to come out of their places and work for their endurance. Since most of the widows were illiterate and orphans excessively immature for any work, really specific Fieldss of work were available for them. These Fieldss include handcrafts, child labor, and domestic work, where they were extremely exploited and harassed.

The loss in instruction can be rated at the top. The orphans suffered a batch in the field of instruction because the decease of their male parent non merely caused heartache to them but stopped any regular income to their households. It became impossible for these orphaned kids to pay the meagre sum of monthly fee in the schools. This became the chief ground of kids dropouts from the schools. The dropout instances were seen more in misss than male childs, chiefly because the misss of the asleep individuals were harassed by the security forces. The decease of the husbands/fathers caused assorted psychological jobs among widows and orphans. The decease of the lone staff of life earner in the household exposed the dependants ( the married woman and the kids of the asleep individuals ) to legion challenges to the existent life. Children faced favoritism which had a direct impact on their personalities. Both widows and orphans developed several psychological upsets chiefly, because of the deficiency of proper intervention due to the inaccessibility of fiscal resources.

The widows and orphans have suffered socially every bit good. They suffered severely in the field of household, matrimony, and affinity. At one point of clip in Kashmir, ( around ninetiess ) to get married the kids of these households was considered a tabu because it invited the wrath of either security forces and their sponsored activists or pro-freedom activists, depending upon the fortunes of decease of the individual in the household. The demand of dowery and fiscal jobs further complicated the matrimony job of misss in these households, ensuing in a general tendency of late matrimony in orphans. The affinity ties besides got disturbed due to the absence of the senior male individual in the household. The family ‘s of these households largely avoided them which created the feeling of weakness and added to more insecurity among the widows and orphans.

Apart from the above issues widows and orphans face the ague feeling that their hereafter will non be bright. In a state of affairs in which they live and the social response they have received has compelled them to believe on these lines. In actuality, they seem more concerned about their hereafter, business, concern, employment which does n’t look promoting in the present fortunes.

Current state of affairs and jobs of widows and orphans

Most of the adult females, after the decease of their hubbies had to alter the topographic point of abode, which they were populating in with their hubbies. About 69 % widows had to switch from their old and usual topographic point of abode to new and unusual topographic point of abode. This displacement of abode took topographic point because of the undermentioned grounds:

Taken to other topographic point of abode by their male parents or brothers

Conflict with in-laws over belongings rights and other issues

Harassment at the custodies of in-laws

Poverty of the household of dead hubby

Burning of the houses in which they were populating

Remarriage of some widows

Normally adult females in Kashmir does n’t work outdoors their households but after the decease of their hubbies the beginning of income of the concerned adult females was lost and they had to face fiscal troubles. So, they started working outside their households chiefly and needfully for gaining sufficient sum of money to carry through ego and household demands. This had happened in urban every bit good as rural countries. Those who did non opted for working outside their places were non ready for this new function because of several grounds. First, they lived in highly traditional state of affairss in which they could non believe of working outside their places. Second, they were non qualified sufficiency for working in the offices, etc. Third they were non ready for confronting the hard state of affairs which emerged after the decease of their hubbies specially, younger age groups. Fourthly, there were really less opportunities of acquiring occupations in the authorities offices or in the private sector, particularly for adult females belonging to take down economic groups and categories.

The overall status of these widows is hapless and suffering. Every adult female faced several jobs merely after the decease of her hubby and her jobs increased and intensified with the transition of clip. While some jobs were solved the other jobs emerged, doing the life of the widow debatable and suffering. The jobs these widows are confronting presently are listed below:

Fiscal troubles

Psychological and Emotional emphasis

Deteriorating wellness

Physical insecurity

Domestic force ( Denial of due heritage rights )

Losing control over kids

Dependence on others

Engagement in illicit activities


Over burdened with domestic and other plants

Social security and apathy

Inferiority composite

Compulsion for matrimony

Equally for as the state of affairs of kids is concerned, utmost difference in the state of affairs of the household environment can be seen, which prevailed before the decease of male parent and after the decease of male parent. In the pre-death state of affairs, all basic demands of kids were fulfilled. Most of them were following their educational and other calling earnestly and with least jobs. They had non to confront societal insecurity and favoritism within and outside their households. But, all these facets of kids ‘s life have undergone utmost signifier of alteration. Now, the kids face several and serious jobs in these countries. These kids faced the jobs like:

Economic adversities

Psychological reverse

Denial of love and fondness

Apathy by relations.

Educational loss and dropouts

The matrimony of the kids ( particularly misss ) of the asleep individuals is another issue of concern. Since, the bulk of these widows were without solid and any regular income, they intended to get married their kids ( particularly girls ) every bit early as possible. So, the general feeling is that, these orphans age of matrimony has gone down and for the intent female parents need a heavy sum of money which they somehow arrange. In this manner the colony of the kids is the topmost concern of the widows.

Remarriage of Widows

After the decease of her hubby, a Muslim adult female is allowed by the Islamic jurisprudence ( Shariah ) to get married once more. But the survey of Prof. B.A Dabla revealed that most of the adult females despite their immature ages 89 % of the widows have non opted to remarry. The ground being that, they wanted to give themselves for the development of their kids. About all adult females had some kids of their asleep hubbies. The detention of those kids emerged a serious job in instance of those adult females who remarried. In all such instances, the via media on the portion of both spouses became necessary. And most of the adult females kept their kids with themselves ( 65 % in entire ) and their new hubbies did n’t object. On the other manus some adult females ( 35 % in entire ) had to maintain their kids in the detention of their paternal or maternal grandparents. In both these types of detention of male of female kids, there emerged some jobs with kids which lead to certain grade of misdemeanor of control and aberrance.

Family support to widows and orphans

In a society like Kashmir, the traditional dealingss between parents and un-married-married kids, particularly misss, are still integral at big. In all state of affairss, particularly exigency and crises, parents do come to readily back up their kids. After the decease of the hubbies of the adult females they were helped by their parents. The parents supported morally these widows and the aid came largely in fiscal signifier. Besides the parents and relations tried to carry through the basic and short term demands of the household, e.g. , vesture, shelter, school fee of kids, nutrient points, school books for kids, etc.

Non-Governmental Organisation ‘s Response

The response has come at two degrees ; at the local degree and at the national-international degree. At the local degree, the NGO ‘s by and large composed of Mohalla commissions or Masjid commissions which were formed in every residential country. In the earlier and till the in-between phase of combativeness, these commissions used to roll up money and stuff and administer on a regular basis among widows and orphans in their several countries. The meager aid was largely fiscal in nature to enable them to buy basic and necessary things of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours utilize for their households. This agreement continued for some old ages but collapsed afterwards. This was partially because of deficiency of committedness and honestness to this societal cause on the portion of the directors of the Mohalla/Masjid commissions and partially because of fiscal embezzlement by the members of these commissions. In this situational context, some local persons and groups came frontward and established NGO ‘s with broader aims aimed at to function widows and orphans. Some of the outstanding NGO ‘s which were established in Kashmir in this respect included the followers:

J & A ; K Yateem Trust

J & A ; K Yateem Foundation

Yateem Khana

Shehjar Help foundation

Chinar foundation

Sakhawat Trust

Chotey Tarey

Government orphanhoods


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