Impact of Emotion on the Manager as a Person

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An emotion is needed because “it is one of the sources of information” (Importance.. , n. d. ). Emotion then plays a large role in a manager’s decision-making activities (Importance.. , n. d. ). This is why it is very important that a manager’s emotional connections are not disengaged in his or her brain, otherwise, “he or she will never know how he or she will feel about his or her choices”, which consequently leads to inability to produce decisions (Importance.., n. d. ).

In addition to that, “the manager’s mood, emotion, and overall disposition greatly affects his or her job performance, creativity, how he or she negotiates, how he or she leads, etc” (University.. , 2007). The good news is that, “emotions are contagious” and so if a manager shows happiness, joy, sense of fulfillment, hopefulness, inspiration, his or her subordinates will catch these positive emotions like a virus (University.. , 2007).

However, if a manager displays a negative emotion, all his subordinates get affected as well (University.. , 2007). Clearly, it is very important for a manager to be in control of his emotions or to display the proper emotions (University.. , 2007). Importance of

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Managerial Actions to Business in the 21st Century It is said that since technology will be more advanced in the 21st century, the manner of doing business will be more focused on direct selling (BBC, 1999).

Also since, threats to businesses are more likely to occur, for instance, rivalries, managers are more likely to feel pressure, tension, constant fatigue, etc (BBC, 1999). This is precisely why values, attitudes, and emotions are all critical to a manager. It can make or break his or her career and it can also make or break the organization or the company. The right values should be possessed by a manager so that s/he will be able to exhibit the correct attitude and exhibit the proper emotion to be able to keep up with business trends in the 21st century.


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