Impact of Electronic Media Advertising

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The impact of electronic media advertising on consumerism and American culture values Is very critical. Electronic media plays an Important part In the progression of popular culture In forms of what people want such as health, fashion, and attitudes. Electronic media has been used to propagate what Americans believe is trendy like blobs on the Internet, testing via cell phone and online shopping. Electronic media is defined as any type of communication characterized by the use of technology. Some examples of electronic media can be television, radio, and Internet.

Consumerism can be defined as a fact or practice of an Increasing consumption of goods. Since the beginning of society has relied on advertising to publicly promote a product or a specific service. Advertising has Impacted consumers in many different ways. People believe that advertisements brainwashes the consumer into purchasing unnecessary items. Other people believe that advertising does not sell any products, but it will convince the people who desire certain product to purchase it. Advertisements affect sports as well, without companies sponsoring these events they would disappear due to lack of funding.

Advertising Is everywhere People see celebrities In their new trendy outfits on TV shows or commercials and want to Imitate their fashion statement. Health and weight Is another trend that the electronic media uses to reach the public. A large amount of celebrities Americans seen on television shows or movies are in a perfect shape. This role makes an important impact on American culture because it makes Americans think that the celebrities seen in music videos or movies are the body shape everybody should be. People today are also gaining new outlooks towards situations or people.

Americans are watching television shows called “reality shows. ” These shows are letting Americans see how celebrities behave In their daily lives. In some ways this shows are causing Americans to think and act differently of what they thought a celebrity live should it be. Americans are imitating these attitudes that before middle and poor Americans would not know. Electronic media has propagated new trends that Americans would never thought it could it exist such as Internet blobbing, online shopping, and cell phone testing. Internet blobbing Is in the popular American culture.

Most Americans use some kind of blob web page to communicate to his friends or any one that wants know about them. Blobbing can be used as an advertisement. Celebrities use blob pages such as twitter to promote a new movies or just a product they use. Online shopping has become a trend in the past 10 years for the popular culture. Online shopping has given the consumer the convenience to decide if he or she wants the item ship or pick it up at the store. Testing was not even a word back 15 years ago and In the present time Is a large trend In pop culture.

Testing Is being used to communicate with friends and business also used this to trend in a form of advertisement to companies and television shows. Television shows use testing as way to promote their businesses. A famous show call American Idol use testing to decide what should be eliminated or stay on the competition. These three trends have an impact on American views and values concerning consumerism and work. The Consumerism causes these trends to The society is the main reason the chain keeps moving and advertising works well for companies or television show such as American idol.

These trends also have an impact when speaking of work. For example, online shopping has caused some problems of unemployment because it reduces the personal customer service that a salesperson can bring to the customers. The impact of electronic media advertising on consumerism make Americans have a reaction to purchase or not products offered in media. Electronic media has developed new trends in the popular American culture and has an impact in Americans’ views and values in consumerism and work. The trends have increased consume of products by Americans, and work has unemployment problems cause by the technology.

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