Impact of artificial intelligence on our lives

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Intelligence is a beings capability for logic, cognizance, thought, understanding, emotions, memory, planning etc. Which are qualities naturally possessed by any living organism and to an advanced degree by human beings. When computer programs and machines are made to possess these qualities, this Is what Is termed as Artificial intelligence. It’s in a nutshell computer programs and machines that are capable of human-like intelligence. It Is not different from the similar field of attempting to use computers to understand human functions.

AY Is however not restricted to the confines of biologically observable methods. Scientists have not yet fully exploited the full potential of artificial Intelligence but It will no doubt have Important consequences and Implications to our lives. Among the benefits that we are definitely going to reap Is that machines will take up complex tasks that we struggle to do and with better speeds. Machines are also capable of Infinite function In addition to doing perfect and flawless work. Mom areas that AY will come In handy ND cause great leaps are meteorology and weather forecast, unmanned space exploration, drivers transport, transmission, medicine, financial industry, etc. Artificial intelligence will no doubt help improve our lives on the most part but every great achievement must come at a cost. Machines replacing humans will definitely cause unemployment which in turn will lead to poverty, depression and crime. It will also be difficult to replace human beings completely since some jobs require human touch.

M easiness might be able to think but it is virtually impossible to make them feel. Some even fear that intelligent machines could one day overpower and enslave the human race. Shannon once said, “l visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines”. Artificial intelligence is clearly the new frontier in the field of innovation. The benefits are abundant and the cost to pay is minimal. The most we can do is adapt because resisting change is futile.

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