IMC – Marketing

What is IMC?
Integrated marketing communications is the process of integrating all elements of the marketing communications (promotional) mix to deliver a consistent message and therefore achieve greater impact
What are the 5 core elements of IMC?
1. The message – rational or emotional
2. Tools – promotional mix
3. Media channels – print/broadcast/digital etc
4. People – target audience
5. Context – Sector and industry
What are the 6 elements of the extended promotional mix?
1. Advertising
2. Public relations
3. Sales promotion
4. Personal selling
5. Digital marketing
6. Direct marketing
What is advertising?
And what are its key aims?
Advertising is a non personal communication about a firm and its products, transmitted to a target audience through a mass medium.
It aims to create awareness, position products, correct misconceptions and remind viewers
Advantages of advertising are:
1. Large audience so awareness building
2. Aids sales effort effectively
3. Can position and reposition products effectively
Disadvantages of advertising are:
1. It is impersonal and general
2. Limited capability to close sale
3. Limited capability to answer questions
What is public relations?
And what are its key aims?
PR is the non-personal communication about an organisation or its products through attempts to maintain a good public image.
It aims to deal with unfavourable press, maintain a good reputation and promote products
Advantages of public relations are:
1. High media coverage for big firms
2. Cheap or free in many cases
3. Benefits the whole brand
Disadvantages of public relations are:
1. No complete control – external sources can affect reputation
2. Bad press can be hard to recover
What is sales promotion?
What are some examples of sales promotion?
Sales promotion is incentives to stimulate purchase
This includes coupons, free samples, discounts, competitions and loyalty cards
Advantages of sales promotion are:
1. Quick boost to sales
2. Can be cost effective
Disadvantages of sales promotion are:
1. Short term orientated
2. Danger of damaging brand value
What is personal selling?
What are the issues with personal selling?
Personal selling is the process of informing customers and persuading them to purchase products through personal communication
Personal selling has many ethical issues such as the hard sell, deception and reciprocal buying
Advantages of personal selling are:
1. It is both interactive and adaptable
2. Chance to build long term relationships
3. Opportunity to close the sale
Disadvantages of personal selling are:
1. sales calls are costly
2. Ethical issues
3. Time consuming
What is direct marketing?
And what are its key aims?
What are some examples of direct marketing?
Direct marketing targets customers through interactive communication in a way that allows response to be measured.
It aims to reach target audiences directly and stimulate an immediate response.
Examples include email marketing, telemarketing, direct mailing and catalogue marketing.
How is direct marketing different from personal selling?
Personal selling focuses on building relationships whereas direct marketing focuses on quick sales without building relationships with potential customers
Advantages of direct marketing are:
1. Can be measured to determine success rate
2. Individual customer targeting
Disadvantages of direct marketing are:
1. Response rates very low
2. Causes customer annoyance

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