Illinois Constitution Study Guide

Name the Capitols of Illinois.
(1)Kaskaskia, (2)Vandalia, (3)Springfield

Name the dates of the Illinois Constitutions.
1818, 1848, 1870, 1971

What year did Illinois become a State?

What is the North geographic boundary of Illinois?

What are the South geographic boundaries of Illinois?
Kentucky and Ohio river

What are the East geographic boundaries of Illinois?
Indiana and Lake Michigan

What is the West geographic boundary of Illinois?
Mississippi River

What is the present day capital of Illinois?

Who is the present Governor of Illinois?
Pat Quinn

Who was the first Governor of Illinois?
Shadrack Bond

Who are the U.S Senators from Illinois?
Dick Durbin & Mark Kirk

What does the Legislative Branch do?
Makes laws

What is the name of the main body in the Legislative Branch?
General Assembly

What two houses does the General Assembly contain?
(1)Illinois House of Representatives(2) Illinois Senate

What are thh qualifications for a member of the legislature?
A. 21 years old or older.
B. U.S. Citizen
C. Live in district that you represent for two years before election.

How many members are in the Illinois House of Representatives?
118 members

How many members are in the Illinois Senate?
59 members

How many Legislative Districts are in Illinois?
59 Legislative Districts

How many Judicial Districts are in Illinois?
5 Judicial Districts

How many Senators are there from each Legislative District?

How many Representatives from each Legislative District?

What is the length of an Illinois Senator’s term?

What is the length of a term of a member of the Illinois House?

Who are the officers of the Illinois House and Senate?
Senate: President of Illinois Senate
House of Reps: Illinois Speaker of the House.

Explain how laws are made in Illinois, be sure to include the role of the Governor.
1. Bills must be read on three different days before passage.
2. Bills are confined to one subject.
3. Bills must be passed in both houses and sent to the Governor within 30 days.
4. The Governor can either accept, veto or ammend the bill

How soon must a bill passed in both Houses be sent to the Governor?
30 days

What can the General Assembly do after a veto?
The legislature may override the veto with a 3/5 vote.

What are the voting requirements in Illinois?
A. 18 Years old or older.
B. U.S. Citizen
C. Must live in district for 30 days.

What is a primary election?
An election to choose party candidates

Which house of the General Assembly has the sole power to start impeachment proceedings?
Illinois House of Representatives

What is the main duty of the Executive Branch?
Enforces laws

Who are the officers of the Executive Branch?
Governor: Pat Quinn
Lt. Governor: Sheila Simon
Secretary of State: Jessie White
Attorney General: Lisa Madigan
Comptroller: Judy Baar Topenka
Treasurer: Dan Rutherford

What are the duties of the Governor?
1. Reorganize executive agencies
2. Commander and Chief of the State Militia
3. Appoints members of State Government
4. Grants pardons

What are the qualifications for Governor?
A. 25 years old or older
B. U.S. Citizen
C. Live in Illinois for 3 years before election

What does the Judicial Branch do?
Interprets the laws.

What are the duties of the Illinois Supreme Court?
A. Hear cases for the first time ( Original Jurisdiction)
B. Hear cases on appeal from lower courts (Appelate Jurisdiction)

How many judges are there on the Illinois Supreme Court?
Seven with a ten year term

What are the duties of the Appellate Court?
Hear cases on appeal from lower courts

What are the duties of the Circuit Court?
The Chief trial courts

What are qualifications for judges in Illinois?
A. 30 years or older
B. U.S. Citizen
C. Live in the district and be a liscensed attorney

What is the term of a Circuit Court Judge?
6 years

What is the term of an Appellate Court Judge?
10 years

Who is the chief executive of a city?
The Mayor

What is home rule?
The power given to a city or town so they can pass laws for that city or town.

What is the name of the legislative body in Chicago?
The City Counsel

What are the City of Chicago Legislators called?
Counselmen or aldermen

How many Chicago Legislators are there?

What is a legislative district in Chicago called?

How many wards are there?

What are the duties of the General Assembly?
1. Passes Laws
2. Submits Constitutional ammendments to the people
3. Conducts investigations

What are teh three levels of the Illinois Court System? Ranked from highest to lowest
1. Supreme Court
2. Appellet Court
3. Circuit Court

Describe the Impeachment process.
1. Starts in the house of representatives.
2. Ends in a trial in the Senate
3. If convicted teh person is removed from office. If acquited teh person stays in office.

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