Ideographic vs Nomothetic

Its concerned with understanding behaviour through studying individual cases
What is the Ideographic approach?

Its concerned with developing general laws of behaviour that apply to all people
What is the Nomothetic approach?

Recognises the uniqueness of the person,
Concerned with private and subjective experiences of the person,
Qualitative method
Name 3 key features of the Ideographic approach?

Attempts to establish laws and generalisations about people,
Concerned with objective knowledge through use of scientific methods,
Uses Quantitiative methods
Name 3 key features of the Nomothetic approach?

Humanistic- Ideographic. Behaviourist- Nomothetic
Give an example of a Ideographic and a Nomothetic approach?

Case Studies, Unstructured interviews, self reports, introspection and reflection
Give 4 examples of Ideographic research methods?

Used Case studies eg: little hans and free association and dream analysis
Explain how Freud used a Ideographic approach?

Created general laws about psychosexual stages and Oedipus complex
Explain how Freud used a Nomothetic approach?

A key assumption is that all people are unique, Its concerned with the private and subjective experiences of each individual and favours qualitiative methods
How is the humanistic approach Ideographic?

Who first used the terms ?

They are subjective and not replicable with qualitative data which is hard to statistically analyse
How is the ideographic approach not scientific?

It makes the theories hard to generalise eg: Freud
How is the fact that they use small samples and often case studies a problem for the ideographic approach?

It provides more detailed information allowing us to get a deeper understanding which is useful in understanding the many influences on behaviour
How is the fact that the ideographic approach studies the individuals a strength?

Classifying people into groups, Establishing principles of behaviour that can be applied to everyone, Establishing dimensions on which people can be placed and compared
What are the 3 different kinds of general laws?

Scientific and quantitative methods usually experiments or controlled observations by which a hypothesis can be made.
What type of research does the nomothetic approach use?

Radford and Kirby
Who came up with the 3 kinds of general laws?

Schuckit. How heredity might affect alcohol abuse. found that those in the high risk reported feeling less drunk therefore he conclused that those prone to being drinkers had an impaired ability to tell when they were drunk
Name a Nomothetic study? brief explain

It isolated a major variable- the risk of alcoholism
It was well controlled
Findings would be statistically analysed
Name 3 ways in which Schuckits study has nomothetic features?

Eysnecks Personality inventory for forensic psychology
Give an example of study which is nomothetic?

Bandura however no influential solution has been found
Who tried to bring the two appraoches together?

By developing laws and theories of human behaviour which can be empericially tested
How has the Nomothetic approach helped psychology become more scientific?

Low ecological validity therefore not generalisable to everyday life
How is the fact that the nomothetic approach uses lab experiments mostly a weakness?

Overemphasises the similaries and Underplays the individual differences
What can it be argued does the nomothetic approach overemphasise and underplay?

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