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Ethical behaviour is that behaviour which is morally right and besides that behaviour which people accept as good behaviour. traditionally philosophers came up with theories that help specify and find morally right behaviour some of the traditional ethical theories include the virtuousness theory. the Kantian theory. the Deontological theory and the Utilitarianism theory. this theories depict morally right behaviour and this paper discusses each theory sing its relevancy to the existent universe and besides how these theories can be used to work out jobs.

Ethical theories The Virtue Theory This theory focuses on the defined regulations and Torahs that govern behavior. this theory ballad accent on the procedures of larning these regulations and through this an person will develop good behaviour. persons will larn through moral instruction which is acquired when an persons still immature.

This theory is one of the oldest normative theories and can be dated back to the work of Plato who emphasized the four virtuousnesss which include bravery. moderation. wisdom and justness. Plato besides identified other of import virtuousnesss that include generousness. good pique ego regard and earnestness. this theory farther accent on detering bad behaviour such as unfairness. insensitiveness. cowardliness and amour propre.

The virtuousness theory analysis human behaviour counsel sing proper behaviour. it accounts for moral good behaviour for illustration people will larn from spiritual instructions the counsel of good behaviour. the Christians learn from the Bible that one should non kill. one should non steal. you should non steal and many other instructions. this instructions are learnt when 1 is still immature as stated by the virtuousness theory.

This theory may be used to work out jobs in the workplace in that it gives guidelines to what can be termed as good behaviour and bad behaviour. for illustration when 1 is faced with a state of affairs which requires that you give false statement in the workplace. so this guidelines from the virtuousness theory depict that you should non lie or give false statements because prevarications are shortlived while the truth will last for of all time.

Kantian theory This theory was developed by Kant Immanuel. this theory states that if an action is inconsistent with a individuals position which is to be free and rational so the action is morally incorrect. besides he stated that an action that further the position of an person in footings of his or her position of being free and rational so the action is morally right. Therefore harmonizing to the Kantian ethical theory an action that promotes an persons freedom and reason is morally right and that which tends to deteriorate or sabotage his freedom and reason is morally incorrect.

This theory nevertheless does non show what guides moral behaviour in our lives today. to some extent this theory guides moral behaviour while to big widen it does hold a footing of steering behaviour. for illustration persons are rational and have the freedom in order to be morally right. a individual will move harmonizing to his demands and be rational in all that his does which may ensue to immoral behaviour.

This theory nevertheless can be used to work out jobs in workplaces or in the single degree when faced with certain state of affairss. the person for illustration may be faced by a state of affairs whereby he is has fiscal jobs an at the same clip he is entrusted with an organisations money. for him to be rational he has to be rational and this theory depicts that he must be rational and besides have freedom. therefore the person will defalcate this financess harmonizing to this theory while in the existent universe this is morally incorrect.

Deontological theory This theory depict that persons have a responsibility to forbear from actions that this responsibility will be determined by the nature of the action itself. therefore persons should execute their responsibilities irrespective of the effects. persons have a responsibility to forbear from bad behaviour and the bad behaviour will be determined by the nature of the action.

This theory depict existent life state of affairss whereby persons will forbear from bad behaviour as a responsibility they should set about. when a individual is faced with a state of affairs in which he has an option whether to perpetrate a morally incorrect action and a morally write action so it is of import that the single realize that his responsibility is to forbear from bad behaviour.

This theory can be applied to a state of affairs in life where a individual is faced with the option of making incorrect or right. harmonizing to this theory the person has the responsibility to forbear from such bad behaviour. and the person should forbear from bad behavior regardless of the effects of his actions. Utilitarianism theory:

The Utilitarianism theory was developed by Bentham Jeremy. this theory states that the morally right actions are those that produce most happiness. hence morally right actions are those actions maximize felicity and at the same clip minimise hurting. therefore persons should ever take those actions that maximize their felicity and at the same clip cut down hurting in the cause of their action.

This theory is consistent with existent life state of affairss whereby this theory can be used to work out job faced by persons or in the workplace. it states that we must be rational in the actions we undertake. we maximize benefits and at the same clip minimise the costs of actions. the benefits give us felicity while costs give us hurting. therefore the person when faced by certain jobs whereby he requires to take which action to set about so he must analyse the benefits and the costs or effects of such state of affairss.

In the existent universe we have regulations that govern behavior. when one breach these regulations there are countenances associated with this bad behaviour. this countenances hence can be viewed as the hurting harmonizing to this theory. the benefits are the positive countenances such as wagess given as a consequence of good behaviour or morally right behaviour. This theory therefore is relevant in explicating the state of affairs in the existent universe sing morally right behaviour.

Decision: All the above philosophical theories sing ethical behaviour are relevant in the existent universe and they can be used to work out state of affairss which persons face in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. morally right behaviour is that behaviour which maximizes felicity and minimizes cost harmonizing to the Utilitarianism theory. this position is besides supported by the Kantian theory which states that morally right behaviour is that which promotes reason and freedom.

We besides have a responsibility to forbear from morally incorrect behaviour as stated by the Deontological theory. All this theory are relevant in existent life. they explain what shapes behaviour and what controls the person.

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