Ideal Gas Law

What is pressure?
The amount of force gas particles exert on the walls of their container, per unit area of the container
What is are the units of pressure (include conversions)?
760 torr = 750 mmHg = 1 atm
What are the two assumptions of the Ideal Gas Law?
1. Molecules of ideal gases do not attract or repel each other.
2. Molecules of ideal gases occupy zero volume.
In order to behave as an ideal gas, what two conditions must be satisfied?
1. Low pressure
2. High temperature
Explain kinetic molecular theory. In other words, what is the relationship between temperature and pressure in the Ideal Gas equation?
Directly proportional:
As temperature increases, molecules obtain more kinetic energy, which means they move around more. When molecules have more movement, they exert more pressure on container walls.
What is the relationship to volume and pressure in the Ideal Gas equation?
Inversely proportional:
Gas molecules have more space to move around in when volume increases, so they hit the container walls less frequently and pressure decreases.
What is the Ideal Gas equation (include units)?
PV=nRT, where P=pressure in atm, V=volume in L, n=moles, R=constant of 0.08206 (L*atm)/(mol*K), and T=temperature in K (C+273.15)
1 mole of any gas at STP occupies how much volume?
22.4 L
Provide the ratios for partial pressure.
Moles of gas A : Total moles in container =
Partial pressure of gas A : Total pressure of container =
Volume of gas A at STP : 22.4 L
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