IB Chem I

Heterolytic fission
The breaking of a bond in a compound in which the two fragments are oppositely charged ions

HCl > H++Cl?

Homolytic Fission
When a bond breaks in a compound that has fragments that are uncharged free radicals
A:B–> A: B:
the chain reaction itself
when 2 radical centres come together and for. {C-C}n
Free Radical
atoms that have unpaired electrons on a pen shell configuration. highly reactive
Substition reaction
When an atom or radical is replaced by another one in a chemical
Chemical reaction that happens form the addition of H2
Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis
a reaction that can be used to make alchols
results in CO2+H20
Incomplete combustion
results in CO2+H2O+CO+CH2O
Nuleophilic substitution
carbon is bonded to an atom that is electronegative, can go through substitutions, electronegative atom is replaced by another atom.
Have lone pair electrons (OH,CN,NH3, halide ions)
Leaving group
separates form the molecule
Transition State
Formation of Carbocation
Large molecule that consist of repeating structural units that are usually by covalent chemical bonds
is a process of reacting monomer molecules together in a chemical reaction to polymers
reactant undergoes homolytic fission to create radicals and start reaction
Reaction Mechanism
The step by step sequence of beginning reaction by which overall chemical change occurs
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