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There were many continuities for women between 600-1450 such as they were still subordinate to men and were not allowed to be educated but the changes were more significant like their right to divorce was brought upon in this time period along with their ability to gain power through marriage. Women from 600-1450 continued to be ranked under men’s superiority. For centuries women were under men in every way. Religion, economy, and politics saw women as the lesser of the two sexes.

This unfortunately does not change in this time period. Women are still not allowed to hold Jobs In either China or Western Europe and are expected to maintain the house and birth sons. This continued to happen most likely because this way of thinking was fed to these people since the beginning and it Is pushed In the faces of the people through religious texts and educated speakers which in turn make it easier for everyone to except.

Also in this day in age if women were to try to go against it they would be left with nothing and that was not a gamble they were willing to take. Between 600-1450 in Western Europe and China women continued to be denied the right to an education. With them being considered the lesser of the two sexes ND the ones who were supposed to keep house the men did not see a means for the women to be educated. Some also thought women were not able to retain the knowledge, this of course is not true but in this time period it was the way of thought.

This most likely continued because the men believed they were the ones who had to bring home the money so they were the ones that needed education and women were to be educated in making a home and raising children and that was what they were good for. The right to a divorce was given to women between 600-1450 and that was a major change. Women for the longest time in Western Europe and China had been denied the right to divorce their husbands because the men did not see a reason for It but In the time period the female gender gained the right to divorce them.

Although many of them did not take advantage of this opportunity because not many men would want a wife who was already marred-Did before, the right was still given to them which was a big step. This change most likely happened because in places like china religions came and gave them rights such as the Quern and because they had so many followers it made a substantial hold and the west is always trying to Improve heir way of life and thought by giving the women what seemed like a few rights would settle them into their lifestyle they would give them said rights.

A change In the role of women between 600-1450 was their ability to gain some power through marriage. Though women had little rights it does not means they did not have influence. Women to have a good living would marry up in the society, in china to acquire a man during this time they would bind their feet to make them smaller and more attractive, all of this to marry up in society. By marrying up you gain power however substantial over some such as a better house, more food, and

This change most likely occurred because women were seen as property and by beings so their only way for some power is to be sold to the best man which would be those higher in society. There was much continuity in Western Europe and China between 600-1450. Their ability to be educated was still not on the table and they were continued to be seen as lesser than men. Although the continuities, there were more significant changes. Their al=ability to divorce was granted in this time period along with the chance to marry up in society to gain a small but sometimes significant amount of power.

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