I think Atticus is a descent father he teaches the

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children good morals andmanners to an extent. Unfortunately he doesn’t spend much quality time with
Jem, like kicking the football and teaches him how to shoot. But Jem
clearly still respects his father. Atticus seems to try the best he can to
raise them. Unfortunately with out a female figure in her life scout is a
bit of a tom boy.

He is a descent man with good morals he is always trying to do the
right thing by everyone. He even puts his family under a lot of stress and
harassment because he defended a black man because he felt the man was
innocent. You don’t learn that much about Atticus in the story it feels
like he man have had an interesting past because every now and the in the
story little things like Atticus being the best shot in Maycomb county pop
up. Jem didn’t even know that his father could fire a gun. From scouts
prospective Atticus is very loving, he also respects the fact that she
tries to please him.

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