I Am One of the 99% Essay

The fact is all but that small 1 % is one of the 99 % . Does that intend that I need to process down the streets of different metropoliss to state everyone that I am one of the 99 % . cantonment out for months at a clip and take the charity of others. so that I can proclaim the fact that I am like 99 % of the state? I think non. 1 % of the universe controls most of the money and so the other 99 % portion in what is left. Between 2002 and 2007. the income of the 1 % increased at least 10 times faster than the income of the 99 % . The “Occupy” are proclaiming themselves as a true grassroots motion. By making this. dissenters are claiming they want to convey attending to jobs we have in the state. To me. it is merely one large kick session sit-in ; one in which they do non supply any solutions to the jobs they are kicking about. For case. expression at the incident in Oakland. California.

Dissenters closed the Port ; nevertheless. so some of them incited a public violence which caused tonss of belongings harm to shop proprietors that are portion of the 99 % . The “Occupy” motion has gone planetary. There are dissenters in London and Ireland with public violences interrupting out doing all sorts of belongings harm. Does this truly assist the cause of the “Occupy” ; aching the pockets of the 99 % ? I do non see how the “Occupy” is assisting any metropolis they come to protest in. I am non seeing any inflow of money to the metropoliss. As it stands. I am seeing rioting. belongings devastation. and charity being given to the dissenters that could assist the less fortunate of the metropolis. By motivating a public violence doing belongings harm. they caused concerns to pay money for fixs and incurred doomed of income by holding to be shut down.

This was money that these little concerns couldn’t afford. I believe in practising our civil rights ; nevertheless. any protest should be peaceable and follow the guidelines within the jurisprudence. We do hold jobs with our economic system. We do need alteration. I’m non certain that bivouacing out is the manner to acquire the alteration to take topographic point. I believe we need to happen people to set into places to be able to assist acquire alterations into topographic point. If the people that are protesting would bond together and elect these people in each province. alterations could take topographic point.

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