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Hydrop onics is the technique o f growing plants in a. nutrien t solurion with ou t the U5C of y any soil This procedu re was a tiginaD adapt ed :as a (onrroDl ble method. of nudyine;.

individu.. Jly or in combinat ion, the effects of dIe various minerals involved in plant nutrit ion. Although it hu ncr yet found univerul acceptance u • na ndard system of com merc ~l agriculture, h ydroponics has nume ro us “d van t,,! t’. ove r soil fuming.

Am0na: these are : uni form ity of growth. higher yid ds, gluier freedom from weedJ ~d dUe••sea, marl! apid MId sustained growth. and “villg o f time, labo r and meu . Also the balance of nut riti on al dements can be co ntrolled wi th great exa ctne ss. Mo. rijuana farmeu can exp loi t Ihis cont ro l to prod uce cert ain duin ble fu ul ts ill different 1C”8C1 of growth -Co r eaample , good height and pro fuse foliage during earl y life , then high resin content and hn tened sellual m aturity befo re harvesting .

Mineral eenee el ca n 01. 1 10 he UKd to influence th e pro po rti o n of female o ver male planu. T here are numerous ways in w hich 10 buil d a gro wing table.You r choic e de ~nd slaf~ly upo n rh e volume of farming intended . Here are J,Cver.

al possi bilities: 1. ) Fo r large scale farm ing . I design similu to th at sho wn in Illustfllion A will proYide daily circ ulati o n of t he nut rient solu tio n wi lh . I minimum of human effor t . Thil ii acco m plished wit h an elect ric pump, which can he purchased o r s.

a1vaged fro m Uk au to-matic wn hing machine. Circu lati o n o f the 1OIIIIio li is im po rt anl primarily because it keeps the minerals evenly distributed th ro ughou t th e table ud fur nishes aerarion neee .. Slo ry to t he hn lt h of the plan ts.

T he rable can he co nlt Nc ted of 1J2-inch th ick exterior plywoo d and scaled with tar , co ncrete, epollY ru in o r any suitable waletproo f! l’lf material. Do no t use zinc or galvanized metal unle ” yOIl inlend t o coyer it …. ith lU i Ihelt metals Ciln be to xic to pLlnts.

A pie ce o f wire mesh sho uld be filled onr the spigot hole – TO BUILD A HYDROPONIC GROWING TABLE IllustRAtioN A…. HydROPONic. 4ROIJiN({ TAble IllustRtio B AN SMAll SCIIlt Hy61,Opot’CS ‘”Resewe,~ ~v Ito (r,.

wl. ‘ Media. ) O. e~tl. w Pipe ell~? ~ ~~ _ :::;gt;1 ~ Sp,~. I, I’ W” SP.

. dle. , Hea~l_ • ~”wl~j t Table PUMp C “N ~ ~ H0 5~ J, …

~ Holt:, TMY” SUMp • • , on the inside of the box 10 peevene sln. r pa n icles o f Tooting aggregate {ro m entering and possibly dogging or dam~ing the pump . The sprinkler heads o n two spigots help fun her to aerate the soha ion. Th e hydro ponic u ble is filled to abo ut an inch from ell” tOP with Vcrmil fSium – Abu nda nc e during early life ca uses pla nts to be talL but to o m uch will ten d 10 pro duce mo sdy ma le s. In crea sed am oun ts in la te r life st im ulal e early ma t urit y and assist in rnin produ ct io n.LIGHT Although hydroponics work s well for bo th outdoor a nd indoor grow ing .

it is more likel y to be used with the la ll er . If so . the plan ts may be illum ina ted ei ther b y filt ered sunlight in a green house Or by artifi d all ight . I f you are constructing you r own green ho use do nOI usc ord inary wind ow glass- it filters 0 1,1 1 mo st of the essenti al ultr aviole t light necessary for phot o s ynthes is. Use green ho use glass.

wh ich i… v.

. ilable from an y greenho use equi p. rnent and suppl y hou se. If you wish 10 concur your plan ts fro m the eye.

f ou tsiders, co ver the inside of the gla ss with t ra nslucent pol yelh ylen e or c.. st viny l shee ting . BOil.

o f these adm it rhe p rope r ligh t : polye lh ylc ne is the least e ~pensi ? c of Ihe two . bu t vinyl iro the more durable. Th ese mue rialro rna)’ he lo ca ted un der ” Plast ics” in the yellow pages o f mo n ci ty tel eph one dire ct or ies o r o rde red from Edm un d Sc ien tific Co . • 600 Edscorp Bldg. • Barr ingt on .

N. J . 08007. Be route tha i your gree nhou roe li:et , a fu ll d.. y of rounlight.

If il does nOI yo u shou ld sup plem en t will. arti ficial lighl .ARTIFICIAL LIGHT Fo r several rearoons artificial Iighl ir; bes t for li:ro wing h ili:h pOle ne y m . riju a na pl..

nt s. Rem em ber : abn ormal grow ing ccnditicns m u. t be em ployed to p rod uce ab nor mally pow erf ul gra n . T here ar e man y uniqu e ..

nd infe re sling m elh od s o f art ificia l illu min atio n wh ich have been nperim ented with in the paS!. Some o f th ese inclu de Ihe Ule o f co lo red m ten, sunla m ps, mer cur y vap or tubes e tc. Th ese are Ih o ro ughly d escribed in ‘flI t’ CVI’7(· pktc ez””’ clbis Cu /t iw to ‘ ( riC e ad o n ba lk co ve r).Afte r m uch trial an d error un der carefull y co ntlolled conditions we have co ncludt d Ihal Ihe be st le w-price d ligh l so ur ces arc the Svlvania wide-spe ctrum 4 Q-watl G RO·LUX lamps. whi ch COst 1 2.

9 9 each al Su rs , Rceb uck , o. ~n y co m merc ial cq uiy~ lcn t . suc h u 4O-w~u NAT UR ·E SCENT tubes, avail- .. ble fro m Edmund Scientific Co. , 600 Edscorp 81dg.

• Barrington. N. J . 080 07,.

1 113 ,00 pCT SCi of fo ur lu bes. All of the se fil sta ndard Fl uore scen t fiu uru . O rdinHy fluorescent GRO· LUX tubes pred ominantly emit light fro m the blue po n io n of the spectr um. ut widc’ , pK IT um I. mps also emit a sU bsta nti” l .

. moun t of rcd light. Th ese two Ie ind. of light serve u p. ‘.! ‘ fun ct ion s in plant growth .

Blue light regulat es respir at io n and sti mu l. lc. lu f growth , especially d uring th e seedling stage. Red light peom orea 1,1.

.. luf n d flower developmen t . Many indoor f”. men claim tha t fo r the m ost spec tacu lar result s you elln inse rt o rdi nary fluo rescen t. or blue-spect rum GRO- LUX lamps into the lIx lur es for th e first nine wee h .

After th ~t switc h over to “”:ide’5pen rum r~mps.Th e ou tco me of th is p N:l n d ur e, the y S;ty, will be lu sh foliage. nrly mat urit y. well-d eveloped to ps ~nd hig h resin conten t. AI the time of Ihi.

printing ou r o wn resn with this possib ili ty ;tre no t s.. t hf;t ({o rily com pleted. If· an y ad venr u ro us experime nte rs care 10 tr y it. be sure to gro w ..

co nrrol cro p to leu it ag.. inat. We are alw ays h~pp y to hear about an y u nique ex perimen u you h~ve tried . Inrer esting let ten will be a nswe red with fr ee gifts fro m STO N E KINGDOM . When w ide.

spC'(: lrum la mps wer e nOI ava ibble a co mmo n puctice w. 10 su pplemen t the red light defi cie nc y with one 7S·w~ n incandescent glo be fo r eve ry 4o-w .. n Ilucrescem .

Many pla nt ph ysio logisu insist Ihat this proced ure do es not pr o vide en o ugh of th e righl kind of re d Iighl and mo re infr a-red ligh t tha n is healehy for molt pl;tnu . Yet m;tny fa rmers m~ inta in t h ~ t rh is pr ~ c t ice wor ks well ~ n d they co nrinue 10 e m ploy il. If you try it rem ember that mo lt inc~n desce n l b m ps beg in 10 decrea se the ir light out put .. Ire r 400 ho urs o f use ~ n d .

hou ld be c h ~ nge d ;tt this t ime.Sylvani~ GRO ·L U X lam ps give full brigh tness for 18. 000 ho ur s. but tut ning Ihem on and off sholl ens their life. When d uk rings siul 10 for m at the e nd s of th e tu bes il is time 10 c h;tnge them . If your gro w ing sp ~n will no t ecccmmcda te th e 48· inch le ngth o f a 4 ()’ w~ u tu be , they ~re av.

. i1 ~ble in . ho ne r lengl hs wilh correspo nd ingly lo we r wattage. ARRANGEMENTOF LIGHTING If you are gro win g you r plan ts under artificial Illu mi nation, you will want to get th e max imum efficie ncy fro m your ligh t so urces.

Assum ing Ih al you ar e using a closet fo r a gro wing ch.. mb er , follo w rhere inu ruct io ns for best result s: I. ) Line you r clos et 110′ 11. with alumin um fo il o r a t In sl pain t the m wh ite.

D.. rk walls ..

ab so rb much of the ligln. • 2. ) PI..

ce the fluorescenl lube . aboul fo ur o r five inches apa rt o n a plywood board wh ich has bee n CUI 10 Ihe dim ensio ns of Ihe c ham be r a nd co vere d wirh fo il o r pai nle d wh ile. H.. ng Ihis in your closet on a pulley. A.

the planu grow you u n keep the lighl ban k abo ur eigb te en inches above thd r to ps. 3. Whe n th e plan u gel rully rall rh e lower leaves will be too far from th e ligh t 10 receive much illu mina tio n. As see n as th ese bo t to m leaves sta rr 10 wither the y .

ho uld be br oke n off, dri ed and smoked. O the rwise th ey will a bso rb m uch of rhe resin which i. tryi ng to reach th e lOpS. At Ihis time a few fluo rescent lighlS m ay be placed 1.

10ng the clos et wloll s 10 help illu min ate the mid dle an d lo wer foli age. 4. ) The lighlS . hould not be left o n fo r 24 hou r. a da y.

Th is cou ld kill yo ur pb nu , o r 1. 1 best cause rhern neve r 10 ml. lure. Du ring ear ly life 16 ho urs a day i. deal.

Th is will • pro mote fun growth and lu f development . But from the second or third week o n 14 no un is belt. Some grow t H who wish to accelerate matur ity keep the light ~t iod down to 1 2 houn a day. Less th an this can seriously inhibit ru in produ ction . PRODUCING MOSTLY FEMALES Althovgh both male and female planu contain the resins which g CI you h igh, the female ten ds 10 be the mot e co mpetent at producing then substances. f or Ihis Ttuon-especiall y with small·sulc indoo r far ming – it is de sirabl e to hav e u man y fem ale s and as few males u possi ble .

And it is possib le.Under normal co nditions a seed is almos t u likd y to produce a pial’ll of one In u the other. During the seedling suge the balance o f th e male. produ cing en~ymn ..

gainsl th e Female. producing enl ymcs decides what Ihc sex of the pla nt will be. II is a balance so delicate rhae even slight abnorma liti es of enviro nmen t ca n sway the decisio n. Ju was poin ted ou e in the seere n tid ed ” For mu la Con tro l,” oyerabundan ces of nilrogen and poussium during eatly life te nds to prod uce a high pro po rli on of females , Con versely , an overdose of calcium or magne sium shifts Ih .. l io in fayo r of th e mal.

. s, Drastic ally alte ring the normal day/nighl cycle ca n also infl u.. nee th e le X “choice” o f a pia nt .

Shortening the day span to seven ho ut s causes plants to pro d uce blossom s o f t he o pposite sex. T his phenomenon ca n be ex pl oi ted to breed seeds wh ich will ha ve a genet ic inclina tion to wards becoming f.. male plant s.

Thi s tech niq ue is thoro Ulhly de scribed in The Complctt Ca,. ,,. , l bis C.. ltiV

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