Hunger Games Study Guide

o Boy Tribute from District 12
o Son of Baker
o Kind
o In Love Katniss
o Wins Hunger Games

o Female tribute from District 12
o Volunteered as tribute for her sister
o Main character
o Father died in the mining accident
o Wins Hunger Games
o Main provider for family
o Good at shooting a Bow and Arrow

o From District 12
o Likes Katniss, but Katniss doesn’t like him

o Katniss’ sister
o Her name gets called during the reaping
o Her sister, Katniss, volunteers in her place

o From District 1
o Career Tribute-Trained all his life for the Hunger Games
o Last person to die at the finale

o From District 5
o Her face looks like a fox and has red hair
o She’s sneaky
o She dies by eating the nightlock berries

o From District 11
o Becomes friends with Katniss
o She’s killed by Marvel by getting a spear thrown at her
o Katniss sings to her and put flowers over her body
o Katniss wanted her to win

o Main fashion designer for Katniss and Peeta
o Designed the fire clothes
o Hid the Mockingjay pin in Katniss’ jacket to support her

o Capital representative for District 12
o She called the names out during the reaping
o Acted as a coach for Katniss

o The only living winner of a Hunger Games from District 12
o Coached Katniss and Peeta
o Was always drunk
o Helped get Katniss sponsors

o The people that ran the Hunger Games
o They were able to change the environment

Hunger Games
o The games that had one boy and one girl from each district fight until the death
o There can only be one winner
o There were 74 different Hunger Games

Treaty of Treason
o Ensured that the districts never rebelled against the Capitol again
o One boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 would represent their district in a fight until the death with one victor

o The thing in the middle of the field that had different supplies and weapons during the Hunger Games
o The closer the supplies or weapons were to the Cornucopia the better they were
o This was to lure people in for a bloodbath
o Where the games ended

o Every time someone died a cannon would go off

o The place the games were held
o The 74th Hunger Games arena was in a forest
o The arena is different every year

Tracker Jackers
o Like Bees
o When they stung you they caused inflation and hallucinations

o A bird that sings the same tune you sing
o The bird on Katniss’ pin

o Districts
• 12
• Where the every day citizens lived
o Captiol
• Where the rich people lived

o A girl named Katniss volunteers to be a part of a reality tv show for her sister that is a fight to the death. Two children between the ages of 12-18 from each district need to participate in this game.

Mining accident that killed her father

o Mockingjay pin
o Three finger salute

o Katniss’ character changes throughout the book
o At the end she realizes she needs to be more careful with her actions

Unrequited Love
o Gale Love Katniss, Katniss doesn’t love him
o Peeta also loves Katniss, and Katniss needs to pretend to love him to get sponsors

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