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A major problem facing this Roman emperor was 3. During whose reign was the Edict of Milan issued? 4. The Edict of Milan issued in 313 did what? 5. The earliest emperor to convert to Christianity was 6. Why did Christianity appeal to so many? 7. What Is the name of the last pagan triumphal arch? 8. Christians adopted which Roman building type for their churches? 9.

The shape of the floor plan of many early Christian churches was the 10. Why was a baptistery built as a separate structure from the church? 1 1 . What generalization can be made about surviving sculpture from the Late Roman Empire? 12. Byzantine collocation was characterized by 13. During its thousand year history, the heartland of Byzantium remained: 14. The most magnificent church built in the Byzantine world was 15. What was the purpose of illuminated manuscripts? . By the end of the Early Medieval period, the West could be characterized as 1. The word Islam is Arabic for 2. A Muslim is 3. TIFF The Hegira (hajji) occurred in 622 and marked the transformation of Muhammad from religious reformer to leader of a new religion. 4. Define caliph. 5. How are Shiites and Sunnis distinguished from one another? 6. During the Basis Dynasty, of the Islamic empire. 7. What instigated the Crusades? Became the commercial and cultural center 8.

What event signaled the decline of the Islamic empire? 9. What are the two central beliefs of the Islamic religion? 10. What does the word Curran mean? 1 1 . List three areas of study that make up the core curriculum taught in Islamic religious schools 12. List three practices of Medieval doctors. 13. Who wrote the Canon of Medicine? 14. List three influences of Islamic architecture. 15. What is the dominant architectural structure in Islam? 16. List three features characteristic of an Islamic mosque.

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