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Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis is an organization that is involved in health and fitness programs. Irrespective of what a client chooses, the organization can help an individual to get more out of it. The company is involved in offering physical fitness services like yoga, workout sessions for the family, and weight loss programs that is inclusive of psychological, ecological, physical and societal aspects. Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis has been in existence since 1999, with steady growth in clients and service provision.

Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis has 34 clerical, 15 administrative, and 51 operative employees. With this number of employees, the human resources department is not actually very large. The HR department is made up of the human resources manager as the head, the hiring manager, training manager, and benefits and compensation manager, including the support staff. In total, the human resources department is made up of twelve people.

Background of the Human Resources Manager

Mr. Kenny Scott, the hiring manager of Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis, has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce with a bias in Human Resources Management, from the University of Guelph. Scott has about ten years of HR experience having worked in various firms in similar capacities. Scott has been also a recruitment officer in different organizations before joining Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis. As for professional organizations, Scott is certified by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) as a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP).

HRM Functions

At Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis, the goal of the human resources manager is mainly to strengthen the relationship between employees and their employer. The manager is solely responsible for ensuring that the employees are well versed with their particular areas of expertise. Over and above, the human resources manager at Lifetime Fitness is a generalist whose expertise is cross-discipline. He is always in constant communication with the executive leadership, in order to present them with the right information in so far as the plight of the employees is concerned.

One of the key functions of the human resources manager here is to come up with appropriate plans and strategies for hiring the right kind of people. Consequently, it is his responsibility to devise the criterion that is best appropriate for a definite job description. He also has the duty to prepare the responsibilities of an employee including the range of tasks assigned to him. Additionally, the human resources manager at Lifetime Fitness assists departmental heads in recruiting the necessary personnel and making necessities for articulated and guaranteed payroll and remunerations. This also involves the administration of direct and indirect compensation programs.

Another key aspect of the human resources manager at Lifetime Fitness is to maintain a healthy work environment. This is mainly because the performance of the workforce at Lifetime Fitness is largely dependent on the work ambiance and the work culture that is prevalent. Therefore, the HRM works to ensure a good working condition by maintaining a secure, hygienic, and healthy environment in order to bring out the best in the all the employees. The HRM also works to deevelop and maintain all the HR records and files. He is also tasked with ensuring that provisions of all the collective bargaining agreements are appropriately administered and enforced.

The Role of the Human Resources Department at Lifetime Timeless

At Lifetime Fitness, the role of the Human Resource Department is to deal with the management of the people within the organization. As a result, the department is responsible for the hiring of the personnel. This basically involves attracting the employees and retaining them in their positions by ensuring that their performance is to the expectations of the company.

In this regard, the human resources department ensures that the company selects the most skilful and competent person from a sea of applicants. This also involves the assessment of ability and competency of potential employees in accordance with the needs of the company. When it comes to strategic business planning, the HR staff/department is not involved at all.

The Most Pressing HR Issues Faced by Organizations Today

According to Kenny Scott, the most pressing human resource management issue in most organizations is on the need to obtain and retain high performing employees. This is a very key issue for any organization. Also known as attrition, the leaving of good employees a affects the performance of a company. The main causes for attrition in companies today are lack of appreciation, lack of growth opportunities, coupled with more attractive job offers in other companies. In some cases, stress and overwork can be major concerns.

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