Human Resources Chapter 1: The Nature of Human Resource Management (QUESTIONS)

Henry Ford raised the pay of workers to $5 because
the turnover rate in the labor force in his factories were excessive and he thought offering more money would decrease the number of persons leaving for work elsewhere and would attract better-quality workers.
One of the Hawthorn studies suggested that
a group may have been actively attempting to restrict the output of it’s members.
The concept of hierarchy of needs was proposed by
Abraham Maslow
The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 made it illegal to consider all of the following in making employment decisions
1. gender 2. skin color 3. national origin 4. race
(T/F) The human resource management system is an approach to managing human resources that recognizes the independence of the various human resource tasks and functions from the other functions within the organization.
Quality is the total set of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on it’s ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.
The basic goals of the human resource management function in most organizations today include all of the following.
1. facilitating organizational competitiveness 2. enhancing productivity and quality 3. complying with legal and social obligations 4. promoting individual growth and development.
Knowledge workers contribute to the company based on the application and dissemination of expertise.
Persons responsible for an indirect or a support function that has costs, but whose bottom-line contributors are less direct, are ______ managers.
Line managers and staff managers have the same or similar responsibilities on the job.

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