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Human Resource (HR) professionals do much work in the companies and organizations today. They attend series of meetings, receive and respond to voice mails and e-mails on a daily basis besides other administrative functions pertaining to their official duties. However, the HR professionals experience myriads of frustrations at their workplace as explained in A Day in the Life of HR.

It is quite a shocking revelation of the HR survey that sexual harassment does really happen to the HR professionals at the workplace except in the White House. Human Resource professionals succumb to undesirable sexual demands of their senior executive officers. Such sexual malpractices of the CEOs include unwanted sexualadvancements, provocative dressing, circulation of pornographic literature in print and electronic media, and use of indecent language as confessed by several HR professionals in the A Day in the Life of HR.

“Can I issue a policy that no women should be hired for this position? How about waiting until next week?’” is my favorite among the numerous dumbest questions asked of HR by CEOs. This kind of a senseless question is an attestation that this crop of retrogressive CEOs is still chauvinistic and highly discriminative along the gender lines despite the existing human rights that calls for equal opportunities for all.

Secondly, the weirdest question posed to HR professionals is wwhether it is a violation of the company policy to kill one’s boss yet virtually all employees are fully aware that expressing an interest in killing another person or the actual killing amount to an act of murder that the government law prohibits. As such, the government laws override company policies in preeminence. Finally, an incidence whereby an HR employee had stayed late and instigated a racial uprising is one of the HR’s Worst Morning Crises that was most hard to believe but really happened in a place of business.

In conclusion, the readings of the publication, A Day in the Life of HR provide a descriptive account of all sorts of challenges HR professionals face at the workplace.

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