Human Resource and Global Talent management

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Virgin cosmetic company is a multinational organization. To overcome the complex set of challenges associated with talent management the company has adopted a coordinated and standardized recruitment criterion for its employees. The recruited employees are deployed in the various functional capacities of the company and all relevant measures of their retention have been put in place (Sullivan, 2004). The company is able to face the future hidden difficulties and expenses by the use of appropriate technologies focussed on a global perspective.

The talents management at the company are highly sophisticated to meet the global expectations. The company’s employees are globally minded and have the ability to demonstrate cultural competencies, which are critical to the success of the company and mutually to the career development of the employees (Sullivan, 2004). Virgin cosmetic company has also laid down precisely its strategies and values to the employees as a guide towards the company’s goals.

The company’s employees are thus empowered to work in unfamiliar cultures and geographic positions in a competency level to make profits. The company has laid down a value system and a sophisticated worldwide communication for the benefit of the employees. This way the talents of the

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company contribute to an overall sustainable success of the company. The company’s team of employees are world wide coordinated extending the talents reach and group to all corners of the globe which has been a very significant tool to the company in raising its global market share (Hastings 2006).

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