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Yes, to know if the employees actually developed a sense of loyalty and security with the organization they work for, they supposed to be seen applying the implications of learning with the ways that they are performing their tasks everyday. What are such implications of learning and how do they help in enhancing employee competency at work? Learning spurs up further individual improvement.

When a person s bale to learn something new from his job, he is further inspired to work better to learn even more.

This is the reason why many business consultants advice that one key to employee-management relationship success is the capability of the management to provide shifting responsibilities to the employees whereas they are able to learn new things every now and then and thus gain a certain level of self-satisfaction. In this regard, there are four main ways by which learning contributes to an employee’s working performance. The said ways are s follows: • Learning as a way of human motivation

As earlier pointed out, learning is a tool which helps motivate a person’s eagerness to continue performing well at his given tasks especially when he is able to gain added knowledge or skill from what he does. In other words, the tasks he performs are then used to become links to his self improvement as an individual and as an employee as well.

• Learning as a way to reduce stress When a person learns from his job, he is able to focus more on the benefits that he is able to gain from performing well in his duties than he is able to focus on the stress that his job brings him.

Thus, through this, his focus on making a good impression to his employers through the outcome of his job is well enhanced and is not dimmed by self-pity and stress. • Learning as a way to improve happiness When a worker is satisfied, then happiness would be realized later on. As a worker is able to get the idea that his efforts are contributing to the growth of the company, he is able to feel the true sense of being satisfied and happy with his job.

His duties become his achievements and these achievements become the source of his inner happiness.

• Learning as a way to boost self-esteem When a person is knowledgeable of what he does, then he gains confidence that he could do well with the duties that are assigned to him. Hence, to no doubt, his excellent performance on the matter follows as well. As for example, if an employer provides his employees of a way by which they are able to increase their capabilities as his employees, then they are encouraged more to perform well with the tasks that are assigned to them by the management. This identifies the role of learning as a way to motivate employees.

On the other hand, if an employee receives the provided knowledge or improvement programs provided by the employers, then they gain self-esteem and job satisfaction as well which in turn makes them fell happy about their job. As obviously seen, the chain of providing and receiving learning or education at certain point works within a motion of giving and taking and taking and giving, which in turn results to better outcome not only for the company but for the employee as an individual as well?

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