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He begins to doubt the morals he has gained and is deeply troubled by the thought of Jims freedom, as society has taught him to value “naggers” as white property.

As these troubling thoughts spin inside H sucks head, the raft reaches Cairo and Jim becomes antsy at the thought of his freedom. This is w here Hack makes up his mind to give up Jim, abandoning his friendship because he is uncomfortable s telling away from his white masters. This switch in Husk’s psyche is troubling because it shows he is still deeply influenced by the flawed society around him.

But when given the opportunity to enslave J IM for good, as he encounters the search party outside of Cairo, Hack uses his resourceful mind to drive them away with the threat of smallpox. This choice is a depicted as a victory for Hack, reinforce g Twain’s belief that Hack has a higher moral standard than the “civilized” people both those in the e story and those reading it.

The idea of slaves as property, a hugely dominant idea in the antebellum south h, sis critical theme in this episode.

Hack is sickened at the thought of Jim being free and b eying his wife and children because everything he has been taught screams that slaves are prop retry, freeing a slave is stealing, and stealing is wrong. Hack is willing to sell out his friend and send hi m back into bondage Grills 2 due to the intense influence these principles hold over him. Even though Jim has proven himself a liable friend to Rack, and Hack has begun to realize he is more than just a regular “Niger”, Husk’s thought is dominated by the society that has surrounded him his whole life.

T wan is remarking on these flawed values by showing Husks internal struggle.

Twain is attempting t o express to his readers how this value they hold so dear has no evidence to support it. By showing H sucks struggle between Jim the friend and Jim the slave, Twain depicts to his readers the flawed logic they have been employing to keep blacks in bondage all this time. This moment in the story represents a victory for the morally righteous. Hack s consumed by the idea of slaves as property, the fight within his mind is built up by Twain as a critical battle between good and evil.

His initial doubt leaves the reader feeling as if Hack is hanging over a cliff and this decision will decide his fate.

His final decision to protect his friend despite Soc detail values represents a moral victory for Hack and mankind. Here Hack casts aside what people have told him is right and instead follows his individual moral compass. Here Twain uses Hack as a symbol for the people of his time period. This MO meet represents the decision each person has to make regarding the slavery issue.

Twain is UN covering the internal choice all people have to make, whether to regard slavery as a truth because society says it is, or to use their own experiences and trust their own internal morals to make the decision n for them. The way Twain builds up this moment, the choice leaving Jim as a slave is depicted as n active and shallow.

This is ironic because most of the people during Twain’s time, who would be r eating this book, would regard Jim as a slave no matter what the circumstances. Twain is making a sat tenement on the bigotry of late 19th century America and its flawed societal values.

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