HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate

What practices would be considered traditional marketing?
1. Cold calling
2. Cold emails
3. Interuptive ads
What are the three stages of the Buyer’s Journey?
1. Awareness 2. Consideration 3. Decision
What are the four stages of the Inbound Methodology?
1. Attract 2. Convert 3. Close 4. Delight
All of the following are best practices of inbound marketing
a) Using the buyers journey b) Leverage content c) create remarkable content d) Use buyer personas
Fill in the blank: _________ is your marketing toolkit, like blogs, videos, and ebooks; _________ is who you’re creating it for.
a) Content b) Context
Buyer persona stories should contain information about:
1. Demographics and common traits
2. Main goals and challenges
3. Role at their organization or life
Consumers don’t want to be sold to, they want to…
Be educated
Define Buyer Personas
Semi fictional representations of your ideal customers based on real data and some select speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and goals.
What are key concepts related to creating buyer personas?
1. Research
2. Identifying trends
3. creating buyer persona stories
Through research you are trying to understand your persona’s…
Motivations and goals
Where’s the best place to start with research interviews?
Your current customers
What are the “inbound best practices?”
1. Use buyer personas
2. Use the Buyer’s Journey
3. Create remarkable content
4. Leverage your content
Define the buyer’s journey
The active research process someone goes through prior to making a purchase
What are the three stages of the buyer’s journey?
1. Awareness
2. Consideration
3. Decision
What does the awareness stage refer to?
The stage in which customers are seeking to more clearly understand and name their problem
What does the consideration stage refer to?
The problem has been named and the customer is willing to evaluate options for addressing their need. in this stage the customer decided what sort of solution strategy is needed
What does the decision stage refer to?
The customer has decided on a solution strategy and is compiling list of potential vendors or service providers to solve their problem.
When creating content keep it _________.
Educational. Don’t educate your buyer personas on you and what you do, but rather educate them on their problems and solutions to those problems.
Inbound marketing is the sum of what?
Content and Context. Content is what you are creating and context is who is it for?
What does leveraging your content mean?
Making the content available for your buyers to find
Distrubution makes content ________
What are some distribution options?
website pages
business blogs
social media
landing pages
calls to action
marketing emails
Where should you spend your time with distribution?
Where you buyers spend their time.
What is your marketing toolkit?
Define search engine optimization
The process of improving your website so that it attracts more visitors from search engines
what stage of inbound marketing does SEO belong in?
it belongs in the attract stage
What is the goal of SEO?
To be in the top organic results on search engine results
What are the key points of SEO strategy
1. Do keyword research
2. Create content around your keywords
3. Optimize content around your keywords
4. Promote your content
5. Earn links to your content
What is on page SEO?
What keywords fall into the awareness category?
Problem based keywords
What keywords fall into the consideration category?
Solution Keywords
What keywords fall into the decision category?
Branded keywords
What sort of language should you use in keywords?
The language that your customer would use.
Steps to doing keyword research
1. Make a list o keywords your buyer personas would search for
2. Expand that list by searching the web for alternatives
3. Determine which keywords people are using to find your site
4. Decide which keywords you have the best opportunity to rank for
What does a short/broad keyword refer to?
A keyword that has a lot of competition around it. They are very general
Define long tail keyword
a primary keyword that’s expanded upon with additional specifying context
Why optimize for long tail keywords?
1. The best way to rank for a primary term is to be specific and make it a long tail keyword
2. When you optimize for a long-tail keyword you’re also optimizing the page or the broad keyword
Define keyword analytics
What’s the best way to rank for a primary word?
Surround it with many long tail keywords.
How to optimize a page
1. Optimize around a primary keyword
2. Include relevant links with the content
3. Promote a good user experience
4. Optimize your website for mobile
What should a 301 reroute be used for?
When optimizing web page names make sure you create a 301 reroute so that customers will have a seamless experience by using the old link
Define Customer 404 errors
An error that appears when the link used doesn’t go to a created page. Make sure you have a customer one as it will greatly increase the users experience. It should offer links to the website
What is a meta description?
The description found under the title of a search results page. max 160 characters
Why include links that direct outside of your page?
This shows the search engine that you’ve done research and improves your ranking. Max 1-2 per paragraph
What do search engines do with UX?
Search engines will keep track and rank you in relation to the ease of use for the customer
How do you earn links?
Inbound links are votes for relevance and quality
Define Online directories
Websites such as Yelp and directories of commerce are examples
Define google listing page
If you business is location based create a google listing page with an address. Google will use this to give quality results to those in the area.
Space was once the limiting factor. What is the new limiting factor?

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