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Selection of employees comprises of analysis of information and data that will enable employers to make a thought decision about a potential jobholder. Factors put into consideration include measurability of an individual (Selmer, 2001).

First is the measurability of a potential employee. This considers the ability of an individual to face rating or scaling system. Relevance of employee’s measurable traits to specific job is also essential. The selection panel directly relates key traits to specific experience required. The controllability of an employee is also put under consideration. This is the ability of a staff member to improve and adjust to changing systems (Selmer, 2001).

Individualization is also a decisive factor. Although some employers do pool recruitment of candidates, individuals face personal ability testing criteria. This aims at identifying the impact that the individual will put into the organization. Theoretical and practical skills need identification too.

Personal traits also count. This ranges from graphology to use of polygraphs. In graphology, the handwiting of an individual determines one’s personal traits. Polygraph involves measurement of one’s honesty level.

Different countries have different criteria that favor selection of male or female employees. In America, individualization has favored selection of women into managerial posts. This method tends to concentrate on one’s potential as an individual regardless of gender (Punnett, 1997).

Power distance is another factor that both favors women and discriminates them in other countries. Countries that are low in power encourage the selection of women for any post. These countries believe in equality. They include the United States of America and the Scandinavian countries.

Socio-cultural factors also count. Countries such as Japan and most African countries believe that powerful managerial positions are deserved by men. This belief makes it hard for foreign potential female employees to get such occupations in these countries.

Anderson (2008) reports that masculinity is a weighty factor considered in some countries. Such countries believe that masculiniity is essential in task completion and advancements. This, therefore, favors men in relation to women who are naturally less masculine.

Coffee machine system

The coffee-machine solution criteria comprises of many limitations used in employee identification. The process gives selectors limited training requirements prior to selection process. No discussions among the panels on the identification of employees are necessary. Though the advertisement process might be open to external applicants or closed to the company’s internal applicants, selector’s personal preferences rule. The process, at times, restricts candidate’s selection to nomination (Harris & Brewster, 1999).

Coffee system has limitations. Different selectors do possess different preferences, thus, decision-making picking the candidate becomes uneasy. It is also uncomfortable for an individual to be measured against an unrealistic ideal personality as a standard measure. The process also blocks chances for potential candidates in closed applications or in cases where nomination is the only way (Andreason, 2008).

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