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Employees are a resource for the employer. Each employer has a goal to accomplish and to meet or exceed this goal; the employer must use the best resources available. Human Resource Management helps to ensure that an employer hires and trains employees who will benefit the organization. With the trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics, the roles of Human Resource Management are changing. With trends in globalization, international companies can face challenges while trying to keep HR practices consistent at all the locations.

Some of these challenges an include variations in political, economic, and social circumstances. These circumstances may require Human Resource Management to change so that it is meeting the demands of that particular region. Another change to consider is that different offices in different locations are set in their ways and can sometimes be resistant to any sort of change. This can cause a barrier in HR Management goals that may require HR Management to make changes to their role. Introducing change to a region that has spent many years doing what they have been doing can become difficult challenge to encounter.

Another challenge that can arise is that different areas and locations perceive a different

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value with the HR function. This means that many of the practices in HR Management in different regions will practive differently, which then would set the challenge to integrate these practices into one common role. Some of the common changes that occurred in HR management include standardized assessment, compensation and development practices, HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper 3 creating reporting relationships around the globe, and to develop a long-term HR lan to align the corporate strategies with HR strategies.

With the rapid changes that continue to occur with technology, HR management plays a big role adapting to these changes efficiently to manage more effectively. With the growth of computerized business applications, HR managers spend much time learning to establish and to maintain using the database. Competition demands that if whatever is technologically possible, then they expect HR to deliver it. However, the ultimate effect may be to make technology invisible so that HR managers can focus on human ssues. Technology offers a big change in HR management practices.

Hiring new employees becomes less challenging because HR managers can have instant access to every resume submitted from every Job seeker in the country could identify those with the particular skills and experience that the company seeks. Training can be done online eliminating the need for trainers to develop training and only to spend more time toward designing it. Internet, multimedia, and computer conferencing are just a few of the ways employees will obtain access to customized training. Attendance and time keeping is now all computerized, which eliminates the need for HR to manually manage times.

HR managers must continue to become wise of technology and remain knowledgeable to its capabilities. a company will consider diversity. One of many challenges that HR faces is the demand to maintain a working environment for workers from every diverse background. The United States workforce was once made up of Caucasian males, but much has changed since then allowing men, women, people of all ages, and ethnic HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper 4 eligions or backgrounds to become a part of the modern workplace.

The first issue to change the role of Human Resource Management was the Civil Rights Act. Since then, the idea of diversity has been at the forefront of Human Resource Management. HR plays an active role in encouraging understanding of the different groups that represent their companies. An important part of the changing role in Human Resource Management involves educating workers about workplace diversity. Business ethics is an unavoidable tension. A balance must maintain satisfying the eeds of the stakeholders of the company with the needs of the stockholders and its organization.

Some of todays most successful business leaders can create a corporate culture and support ethical business practices while continuing to move forward as a competitive company in todays marketplace. Business ethics is a tension that comes from conflicts with the interests of the employees, the company, customers, and the greater society (Columbia, 2001). Society wants well paying Jobs and those companies want to raise productivity while limiting compensation costs.

People want to purchase goods at the lowest price possible at the same time the companies want to maximize their profits by selling at higher prices. These conflicts are part of the nature of business. Human Resource managers must continue to balance the needs of the organization and the stakeholders along with the needs of the stockholders. Managers must also balance their own personal needs with that of the organizations. It’s important to maintain the reputation of an organization and consider the responsibility to the community.

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