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The functions of Human Resource Management (Gary Dressler, 1984, 1, pg. 7-8) are as listed below:-

1. Recruitment and Selection

These include job description, manpower planning, selection tests and interviews.

2. Training and Development

These take into account of employee orientation, employee evaluation for development activities and employee appraisal including career progress.

3. Compensation

This function determines the relative worth of each job, incentives and packages of benefits and pay.

4. Labor Relations

This helps to maintain a healthy labor management relationship, labor agreement, ensures employees’ grievance process is functioning properly and negotiate collective bargaining.

5. Employee Safety and Security

This function ensures that lines of communication are open, fair treatments in discipline, dismissals, safe working habits and includes preparation accident reports.

Most Important HR Function

In my company the management emphasizes more on training and development of its employees. As the company’s core business is in the manufacturing of adhesive resins and hardeners, the main bulk of its work force, about 60%, makes up the plant/production personnel. There have also been occasions whereby it is not possible to recruit the right people at the right time for certain levels of employees, especially plant/production personnel, as the company is located in an industrial zone, a far distant from town. With the exception of key executives (managers and engineers) whereby selection and recruitment are first taken into consideration, the company encourages school leavers and fresh graduates to join its work force.

For example, in the Manufacturing Department, qualification required for a process worker is a pass in ‘O’ level (minimum qualification acceptable by my company) without any skill required as they are given on-job training from day one of joining the company. The necessary knowledge and skills acquired for producing adhesive resins over a minimum period of two years would enable a process worker to be upgraded to plant operator position and a plant operator to be upgraded to production supervisor, whenever there is an opportunity in the department.

Another scenario concerning the important function of training and development in the company can be found in the Administration & Human Resource Department. An office assistant cum cleaner recruited over a period of 6 months was given computer skills training in order to assist the clerical staff with non-sensitive data entries. The annual appraisal conducted the following year found the office assistant ready to take on more clerical responsibilities in addition to her housekeeping duties with some pay adjustments to be in line with her job duties and specification.

Least Important HR Function

Labor relations are deemed as the least important Human Resource function as my company does not have an employee union. The compensation and benefit package is considered sufficient and acceptable by both employer and employee at time of job recruitment/acceptance. However, key executives and line supervisors have been well advised on the procedures to follow concerning any employee grievance and lack of performance with proper investigation and domestic inquiry to be conducted before any final decision is made. Monthly production staff meetings are being held and open communication is being practiced. Weekly management meetings also provide ample opportunities for departmental managers to bring up matters concerning their subordinates’ performance, requests, suggestions/ideas and grievances.

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