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“This should be sent to a journal” “Very good work. but I’m non certain why Alan Bundy hasn’t written this? ” Anonymous reappraisal: “Clearly the writer fails to understands Walsh’s old work on this topic” • 1st Lesson • Don’t lose bosom • Even if you do everything right. reviewing is imperfect Good documents will be rejected But seek to larn from your knock-backs! • • Why you? • Academic calling • Publish or perish • Have an impact • • Communicate your consequences Many have non had the impact they deserve for being bad authors • Writing is fun! Outline • How to acquire your paper rejected •

There are many traps even experienced research workers make Myself really much included • • Hints about how to compose a paper • Writing is a trade non a scientific discipline! How to be rejected • Submit over-length • Blind adult male: send in 7 pages even though the instructions clearly say 5 Once they see quality of work. they’ll be pleased you sent in more material • How to be rejected Submit over-length • • Diplomatic unsusceptibility: set excess 2 pages in appendix Appendixs clearly don’t count Similarly. bibliography doesn’t count • • How to be rejected • Submit over-length • LaTeX hacker: • • • alteration from 11 to 9 point fount squeezing inter-line infinite …

• No 1 will of all time detect How to be rejected • Submit late • • • Deadlines are meant for everyone else Review agendas have plentifulness of slack Your paper is worth the delay! How to be rejected • You don’t have room for infinite wastrels like: • Motivation. Background. Related work • Why do reexamine signifiers ever have these on them anyhow? How to be rejected • Annoy reader/reviewer • • • • Proof is fiddling. when it isn’t Prove the fiddling Fail to mention their work Merely mention yourself How to be rejected • Annoy reader/reviewer • Don’t fuss to spell look into • What do computing machines cognize about spelling anyhow? •

Use all the old platitudes • “There has been a batch of involvement late in planetary restraints. ” How to be rejected • Annoy reader/reviewer • Be grandiloquent. drilling. … • This is scientific discipline non literature cats. who said it should be fun? • Be excessively formal • Theorems and expressions add weight How to be rejected • Annoy reader/reviewer • Make them truly work • After all. these are dif? cult constructs and it took you some clip … • Ignore reviews • Just maintain directing paper in. finally it will be accepted How to compose a paper • Hints about how to compose • • • Preparation Writing itself Ethics Preparation •

Read. read. read! • To larn how to compose. read a batch • I spend over 20 % of my clip reading • 1 day/week in library Read. Read. Read • Related literature • • • So you can mention it So you don’t re-invent wheels So you know what others think are of import research inquiries Read. Read. Read • Other conference/journal documents where you intend to print • • So you learn the “house” manner So you can put your work within the bigger image So you learn how to inquire good inquiries • Read. Read. Read • Any kind of literature • Magazines. novels. lifes. … • Writing is a accomplishment. learn from others •

I read approx one novel/week as a manner of seeking to larn how to compose And I have the luxury of authorship in my ain linguistic communication! • Review. Review. Review • Review every bit much as you can • • • So you see good/bad composing So you see the newest consequences ( but see moralss ) So you ask yourself good inquiries • What is the part here? What are the failings? … Write. Write. Write • The best readying to authorship is to compose • • Writing gets easier the more you do it Writing is easier if you’ve drafted much of what you already necessitate Writing is the best manner to form your ideas Writing is a good manner to enter what you have done.

• • Writing • Work out the timetable • • • Rushed documents often rejected Late documents are about ever rejected If you ever write to deadlines. composing will look more painful than it is Writing • Work out the message • You should be able to convey this in one sentence • “We propose a new planetary restraint. supply a? ltering algorithm and demo it utile on some standard benchmarks” Writing • Work out the message • You should be able to convey this in one sentence • “We identify an of import category of symmetricalness. and demo how to interrupt it” • Write to the message! Writing •

Distribute the work • • Play to your strengths If you have a native talker. hold them compose intro/conclusion … • Write to length • Brutally cut documents are often rejected Writing • • Structure paper before you write it I write templet for paper with subdivisions and subdivision headers? rst • Intro. Background. Theoretical consequences. Empirical consequences. Related work. Decisions Writing • • Start where you are most happy Often write from the in-between outwards • Theoretical consequences. Experiments. … . Decisions. Introduction. Abstract Writing • • Rule of Three Say everything 3 times! • • •

Introduce thought ( debut ) Develop thought ( organic structure of paper ) Summarize consequence ( decisions ) • But don’t transcript verbatim the same text! Title • Make it meaningful and brief • • Don’t make a gag Remember person reading mention demands to be able to work out likely contents Good: the TSP stage passage Bad: Easy Problems are sometimes Hard • • Abstract • Executive drumhead • Try for one sentence or so on: • • • • Motivation Method Key consequence Conclusions Introduction • • • • What is the job? Why is it interesting? What are your parts? What is the lineation of what you will demo?


• Lure the reader in a with a good? rst sentence • Bad: There has been a batch of work late on stage passage behaviour… Good: Global restraints are cardinal to the success of restraint programming… • Background • Often need to put scene • • • De? ne formalism Get reader up to rush Identify research job Body of Paper • • • • Derive theoretical consequences Propose new algorithm Describe system engineered … Results • Bullet proof paper • Theoretical consequences • Experiments merely provide a limited position • Experimental consequences • Theory doesn’t show if consequences are utile in pattern.

Related work • Has many intents • • • You give proper recognition to prior work You are non re-inventing wheel You can compare what you do with what has been done before Conclusions • • Remind reader of what you have done Place work in wider context • “What general lessons might be learnt from this survey? ” • Flag all the exciting unfastened research waies Acknowledgements • Thank all who have helped you • Provided codification. informations sets. … • Thank? nancial patrons Writing • Keep it simple! • • • • Active. non inactive Present. non past or future Long words Short sentences Writing •

Avoid enticement to include every consequence you have • • • Paper needs to be consistent Paper needs to be apprehensible Many documents are rejected for holding excessively many consequences! Ethical motives of Writing • • • • Authorship Citation Submission Publication Authorship • Who should be an writer? • Anyone who has made a signi? cant part May non hold written any text! Always err on the side of cautiousness • • Authorship • Who should be an writer? • • • Ask! You’ll be surprised how frequently people refuse You can be certain they’ll non work with you once more if they feel they should be Authorship • Should my adviser be an writer? • • •

In? rst few old ages of thesis. likely yes. . Once you graduate. you should ( be able to ) write documents on your ain Again. ask! • Citation • Cite all relevant work • • • Reviews ever ask about Related Work You’ll want them to mention you It’s cardinal to the scienti? hundred method • We stand on the shoulders of others Citation • Do I mention myself for a blind reappraisal? • • • Yes! You must recognition all old work Either citation [ Author. 2004 ] Or compose “As Walsh has shown antecedently [ Walsh 2004 ] … ” Submission • Can I submit to multiple conferences? • What’s the trade with the disclaimer ( ”This paper is non under reappraisal. . ” ) ?

• Can I subject to a diary instantly? • • No difficult and fast regulations My regulation. one time reappraisals are back and paper is efficaciously in imperativeness … Publication • Can I print my conference paper as it is in a diary? • Probably non. even though conference is non archival Most diaries ask you to widen conference paper well • • Proofs. more experiments. … Final words • It takes clip to larn how to compose • Don’t be put off if at? rst your have documents rejected All of us have documents rejected • • Spend clip larning how to compose • It will be worth the investing.

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