How to Prevent Computer Fraud

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The Computer fraud is increasing in volumes and scale due to the common use of internet to browse and shopping and use emails to share information by individuals and in business. The computer fraud can lead to serious security and monetary damages if the users are not careful about the Issue. Although it is inevitable nowadays we need to use computer in our life, we can use right ways to prevent computer fraud by taking some actions. There are many reasons why computer fraudster place. Horst, internet is not a safe place.

There are a lot of hackers and Identity thefts who look for naive or careless Internet users to get what they want. Second, the wide use of emails In our dally life creates a good place for computer fraud to happen. The information we share through emails maybe be stolen by malicious people. Third, computer end users are not knowledgeable about ways to protect themselves from the computer fraud. Also, the fast-changing technology Is hard for general public to get tambala with different trends.

Fourth, people have reed which makes us an easy target for any type of crime, Including computer fraud. We have to remember there is no free lunch and be careful about deals online. Although many reasons can cause computer fraud, there are ways to prevent computer fraud -First, computer users should get familiar themselves with different security terms to protect themselves. Knowledge is power is a thumb of rule to prevent computer fraud. Second, people should protect their identity and shouldn’t know share private information on-line or in emails.

Also, they should be careful to ply to anyone they don’t know in emails. Third, a good anti-virus software should be installed in the computer and updated regularly. A good firewall system should also be equipped in the networks. Fourth, the government should enact strict law to regulate the network providers to put more security in the system. Also, computer fraud should get more attention in the legislation so the public will be more aware of the issue. By working together by business, government and the public, the computer fraud will be less likely to occur.

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