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How to Judge Age Bias

In contrast to all the “glamorous” cases on the U.S. Supreme Court’s plate this term, a “homely” challenge, in the words of one litigator, could transform the landscape of job bias litigation in this country. But the homeliness of the case is certainly not in its facts.

Faltering Net Firms Will Find Bankruptcy Lawyers Reluctant

Sooner or later, the bottom will fall out for many of the Internet companies struggling to make a buck in the already cluttered World Wide Web. But dot-coms hoping to survive a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization will find legal help hard to come by.

TV Station, Reporters Settle Suit Over Overtime Claims

A trial expected to reveal the workings of television news programs was pre-empted by a confidential settlement. Two former Atlanta television station WAGA reporters sued the station for overtime pay, claiming their jobs were akin to assembly-line work. The station responded that the news reporters used “imagination, invention and talent” to do their jobs, making them professionals not entitled to overtime.

SEC Targets Financial Fraud

Corporate executives in a position to monitor or inflate financial figures beware: the SEC is watching. Last year, the SEC charged 120 corporate insiders with securities violations for their role in helping companies falsify financial records. This year, the agency is putting more resources into targeting individuals who commit — and facilitate — financial fraud.


Newsweek November 1999

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