How the Internet Has Influenced Writing Skills

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There is no doubt that the more society develop, the more revolutionary changes there are in media, especially internet. People get many benefits from the internet, one of the benefits is using email instead of regular letters. Therefore, people put forward the view that using has a number of positive impacts on their writing skill. Personally, I think it is not logical opinion for following reasons. First and foremost, using email a lot tends to make us cease to develop our vocabulary.

To elaborate, nowadays, internet becomes more and more prevalent and plays an extremely important role in our life. Owing to internet, exchanging information becomes easier. It allows people to send messages to each other easily in any geographical distance through yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, everyone does not appear to concern that their ability of using vocabulary and enhancing it are likely to become weaker.

For example, when we chat with our friend on yahoo, we often use informal anguages and express our ideas in the shortest ways. We write something as short as possible such as N2MU2 instead of writing a meaningful sentence is that nice to meet you, too. That has a bad influence on Improving our writing skill. More seriously, using email reduces our ability of thinking. It Is a convenient condition to make us lazy in advancing our thinking. To be specific, when we design an advertising for our products to send It to our customers.

Obviously, with this dvertising template, we can use for several times without changing Its content, beacause we do not need to spend a lot of time thinking hard. That leads us toa bad habit. Consequently, we cannot advance our writing skill when only depending on something available. All In all, I believe that using email does not benefit us due to its effect on minimizing our ability of developing vocabulary as well as thinking. Hence, writing In the traditional way Is the best approach helping us aqulre a high level In our writing skill.

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