How the Internet Affects Our Brain


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We live in a world of technology where information flourishes. The internet has grown rapidly together with the technology and has paced the speed of exchange In information. Questions that arouse in our head used to remain unanswered until we actually took the energy, time, and effort to flip through the pages of the heavy books In the library. But today, questions are answered Instantly with a few clicks on the internet search engine such as Google. The Internet Is prepared to give out the answers to everything almost immediately.

It has become easier for us to access to the more specific information that we need. Data for our research paper, study report of a scientific experiment, reviews, conclusion to a passage, theme of a novel, and all sorts of information flow In the internet ready for us to take the advantage of its concisely arranged information. However, has our brain advanced along with the new method of accepting information through the internet? Or, has it actually deteriorated from the less thinking and analyzing?

All kinds of information is out there in the Internet. There is the raw information which, Ilke the encyclopedia, contains extensive length of information that Includes all the significant details as well as the less significant ones. Then there Is the processed kind of Information where only the maln points are extracted out and summarized from the large context. Answers and solutions are like the processed kind of Information that lead us directly to the brief conclusion and they are easily accessed through the internet.

We no longer have to spend hours reading a thousand page novel and then thinking, rying to fgure out what the theme of the story is, whether or not if there is an implied message, or what the author is trying to tell us. All we need to do now is to go to Sparknotes webpage and type in the title of the novel. Summary of the plot is concise yet it contains all the major events. There are information on main ideas that we could have missed while we read through alone. We read short reviews written by the literary scholars.

With shorter time and less energy Invested, we have consumed ore Information skimming through the given out answers In the internet. Instead of our brain working busily to absorb and analyze the material, the brain now works simply to read the given answers. Instead of reading and taking time to absorb the information, readers now “go online to avoid reading in the traditional sense. ” Our brain do not process raw information anymore. We now search for the information that are all cooked and ready to serve.

With innovation and development of the internet, we have been able to access to information easier than before and as the nternet develops as a technology and more updated information are added every second, internet itself has become very intelligent. Not only has internet become smarter, but we, being able to access the massive amount of information that internet carries, have seem to be smarter as well. However like Carr mentioned, our brain has altered in a way that we are simply accepting the given answers with less thought given to It that we are actually becoming “Intellectually lazy, less studious, and weaken minded. It may seems that we have progressed along with the Internet ut our brain, with Internet essentially doing most of the work that our brain should be doing, has weakened its way in accepting and processing new information. Our that intelligence is merely an “output of a mechanical process. ” Our brain has become an outdated mechanism where absorbing the context, thinking, analyzing, and interpreting are now done by the quick, updated mechanism, the internet. Using the internet and its easily given out information have made us “very knowledgeable when we are for the most part quite ignorant. “

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