How Stress Affects My Everyday Life

Stress is a mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression. 1 I had been through all these symptoms when I was under stress. Stress comes from everywhere and it occurs in our everyday life. As I have to face a lot of difficulties, problems and challenges in my everyday life, stress can affect me in three ways, and they are emotional, mental and physical.

The affect from stress on my emotion not only affect me but also the people around me. When under stress, my emotion will become very unstable and easy to get anger. Usually I feel like punch or destroy something to release the stress that I had. I remember once when I was young, I had a deadline essay that I had to hand it in on the next day, but I still don’t have enough information to finish it. Times were getting intense, yet my brother kept disturbing me and bagging me to play with him. By that time, I could feel my stress level were very high, that I could not hold back my temper any longer.

I screamed and pulled my harmless little brother on the floor. Then my little brother started to cry in a helpless way. I looked at him and I started to cry too. I felt terrible that I hurt my flimsy and my only brother. At that point, I realized that how horrible can stress do to me, my loved one and people around me. The mental effect from stress caused me headache and sometimes I got illusion. Sometimes under stress can let me be very focused on one thing and get it done in a short period of time. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of the stressful time that I had.

There was a time that I had an examination in the next day, and a huge construction was starting in front of my apartment. The noise from the machines that they were running and their trucks was going in and out, not only my ears suffered but also gave me a big headache and a of stress. Every single sound they made was like there was someone punching my head. I tried to use my ear-plugs to block those sound, however it was too loud that I still could hear the noise. I was struggling with the noise and tried very hard to get my concentration back for almost two hours.

At the end, I started to see illusion from my mirror that my head were being drilled and with a lot of holes on it, so I decided to give up and went to the library immediately. That was also my first time had illusion from being under a stress situation. Stress also has a bad affection on my physical health. I have been away from home for two to three years. I have not been eating regularly since I came to Canada. Perhaps the reason is I have never been staying home that far and separating with my family for so long time.

The most depress and stressful moment that I ever felt was during the holiday, while the families around the neighborhood were being with their family and enjoying their family day. Sometimes I would eat a lot of junk food to make myself feel better. Sometimes I didn’t even have any appetite to intake any food for the whole day. My health condition is getting worse day by day as I can feel that I get tired easily and felt sleepy all the time. In conclusion, stress has a negative impact on me most of the time, no matter on emotional, mental, and physical.

Stress is still surrounding me on my everyday life and has a big negative impact. Since Stress can’t be taken away that easy, so I have to find some solutions to reduce my stress level, in order to reduce the damage that stress do to myself. Here are some suggestions I found for dealing with stress, like exercises more, take a deep breath when I am having anxiety attack, relax my mind and so on. I hope I can reduce my stress level and back to my regular diet by following these suggestions that I found.