How Smart Phones Dampen the Human Experience

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These Include a decrease in face-to- ace social skills, a decrease in attention span, and a wasteful attitude. There are many more ways that cell phones and smart phones reduce our ability to communicate, but I found these reasons to be the most prominently shown In dally Cell phones and smart phones have a negative impact on our ability to communicate with others by giving us an excuse not to practice face-to-face interaction with one another. To make matters worse, the age of people experiencing this phenomenon is getting increasingly younger.

For example, *a recent study conducted by Bridgewater State university found that 20% of third graders are cell hone owners and that 90% of them are online. This number is nearly quadrupled by the 83% of middle school students who own cell phones. This early childhood cell phone usage Is having noticeable effects on the way that children, teens, and even adults communicate in person. People have grown so accustomed to testing each other that when someone makes an attempt at face-to-face interaction with a stranger, that stranger becomes fearful and offended.

This has gone so far that many people now suffer from “social anxiety due to the fact

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that they haven’t had enough reactive talking to others in person. This negative attitude also travels into the workforce. Many young adults have no Idea how to conduct themselves during Job interview because they’re used to communicating behind a screen. This is a very sad reality, because human interaction is what brings us together and makes us human. Another negative side-effect brought about by constant cell phone usage Is a major decrease in attention span.

A good example of this is the way people who use smart phones entertain themselves. Recently a type of video called a “Vine Video” has oaten extremely popular. Vine videos are usually between 6-12 seconds long and are meant to provide short bursts of entertainment that don’t require any brain power to comprehend. Entertainment like this is basically Junk food for your brain. Also, the majority of the people Vive met under the age of 30 can’t muster up the focus to finish a book they’ve started. Even worse than this, many people within this group haven’t found the interest to pick up a book in the first place.

This widespread ten-minute attention span affects more than Just our choices of entertainment. It also affects the ay we perform in school and at work. Let’s say for example that you’ve just started a that you spend the entire meeting half-listening, with most of your attention focused on your smart phone, as many modern employees do. This lack of focus will show in your work performance, and it won’t look pretty. If the general population’s attention span drops much lower, we won’t be able to finish a sentence, let alone create great literary works or even become moderately successful members of society. “Waste not, want not. This timeless mantra is one that we could all learn from at his point in time. Because smart phones come out with “new and improved” models annually, no one ever learns to appreciate their personal possessions or to take proper care of them. When I was growing up, I was taught that when something is broken, you fix it. Items such as electronics are not disposable, and so they must be appreciated and handled with extreme care. These days however, I see people go through two or three phones a year without blinking an eye. Phone companies teach you to constantly want the next best thing, and to never leave well enough alone.

You just always obtain the newer, sleeker, faster model, and you must never be satisfied. This type of advertising gives cell phone users an unhealthy, wasteful mindset. This constant bombardment makes it nearly impossible for smart phone users to have a peaceful and content attitude towards life. This is an unfortunate side-effect of smart phone usage that can be seen in the attitude of every phone owner you’re likely to come across. Although smart phones come in handy quite often, the human race has come this far without them and we could certainly go even further if they weren’t around tinting our mental development.

Smart phones hinder our ability to verbally communicate with one another and to live healthy, intellectually stimulating lifestyles. They also drastically shorten our attention spans and grind our focus to a halt. Aside from these cognitive drawbacks, the moral drawback of smart phone usage is the wasteful and unappreciative attitude that often comes along with owning one. Mimi don’t know what you have until it’s gone. ” For our modern generation, a lot could be gained by losing most of what we have- smart phones included.

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