How does cell use glucose to make ATP

Cellular respirationIs a process by which organisms change glucose into a form that can be used by the cell, that form ATP
All respiration starts with…Glycolysis its like the spark plug of the process glycolysis- changes one glucose molecule into pyruvic acid ; 2 ATP
2 types of respiration1. Anaerobic respiration
2. Aerobic respiration

Anaerobic respirationDoes not use oxygen. Occurs in yeast, bacteria, somethings human muscular cells
Types of anaerobic respiration1. Alcoholic fermentation
2. Lactic acid fermentation
Alcoholic fermentationOccurs in yeast and bacteria
Lactic acid fermentationOccurs in the human muscle cells when lactic acid builds up. Creates muscle soreness
GlycolysisOccurs in the cytosol cytoplasm of the cell
Aerobic respirationRequires oxygen
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