How Do Different Masses Affect How Fast Something Falls

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Physics Assessment – Ryan Lok
Research Question: How will different masses affect the speed of a parachuteHypothesis: The heavier an object, the faster it will fall.

Control – Length of string, drop distance, size of parachute, length of parachute strings
Independent – Mass
Dependent – TimeApparatus:
-Tape Measure -String -Ruler
-Stop Watch -Small Zip bags -Plastic Bags
-Large Rubbish Bag -Weight Measure
-Sand -ScissorsMethod for making sandbags and parachute:
1 – Get string, a large rubbish bag, small zip bags, sand, a ruler and scissors.
2 – Fill the small zip bags with a specific weight of sand. (Make extras if you need them) The mass of the sandbags should be -900g-700g-500g-300g
3 – Measure and cut out a 50cm by 50cm parachute out of the large rubbish bag. (Makes extras if you need them)
4 – Cut out four equal length strings for the parachute (Cut out extras if needed)
5 – Attach the strings to each corner of the parachute and attach the other sides of the strings to a small place bag so that you can put your sandbags inside
6 – Done Method for conducting the experiment:
1 – Collect your parachute, sandbags, tape measure and stop watch
2 – Record the height of the drop using the tape measure
3 – Place one of the weight specific sandbags into the plastic bag of the parachute
4 – Have the timer/recorder on the bottom of the drop so the recordings are accurate
5 – When the sandbag is dropped, have timer begin timing and stop timing when the parachute reaches the end of the drop
6 – Repeat multiple times with the same mass, change the mass of sandbag after five repeats.
7 – Get an average from the five different results for the same mass
Table of Results
Weight of Bag (  ) | Time 1 (s) | Time 2 (s) | Time 3 (s) | Time 4 (s) | Time 5 (s) | Average (Not including anomaly) |
300 | 9.21 | 10.

01 | 9.52 | 8.51 | 9.56 |.


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