How did the Catholic Church respond to the Protestant Reformation?

Catholic Counter Reformation
A. Roman Catholic Church attempted to reform itself. Leaders acknowledged that the church could change some practices.

B. Jesuits: Catholic missionaries who travel throughout the world. They tried to convert people to Catholicism.

C. Catholics executed heretics, burned Protestant bibles/literature (inquisition)

Council of Trent: 1545
1. Ended indulgences
2. Improved training of priests
3. Code of conduct for clergy
4. Stated only the pope/church should interpret the bible-services in Latin

Results of the reformation
A. Protestant thinking continues to spread~Catholic Church weakened

B. Religious wars and persecution divided Europe

:civil wars broke out in France- Catholics vs. Protestants

A. St. Bartholomew’s day massacre- 3,000 Protestants murdered

B. Religious unity in Europe ended, Northern Europe- Protestant, Southern Europe- Catholic

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