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It is drastically of import to underscore that this thesis has been constructed on comparative survey on rational model of non Alevi bookmans, Alevi bookmans and Alevis themselves. The decisions which take portion in this chapter are my really ain decisions by reexamining sentiments and treatments of both bookmans and my qualitative research. The reader shall be cognizant of this fact.

As every sociology undertaking faces, I have besides faced some troubles and restrictions as a immature research worker. Those restrictions and troubles have been mentioned in old chapter. However, I would wish to remind to the reader one time once more to underscore the conceptual model of this survey. In Turkey, one of the most hard research topics is analyzing Alevis and Alevism, because there are limited beginnings about what Alevism is, who Alevis are, and what sorts of Alevism exist in Turkey. Furthermore, there are no clear common accounts about Alevism. Many sorts of definitions are expressed by different Alevi groups and research workers. Bing Alevi is an abstract individuality because of the syncretistic belief system of Alevism for Alevis, which as a affair of fact includes a wealth of civilizations, faiths and traditions. Alevi individuality is an statement which is appropriate for developing a definition of Alevism. There is no legitimate accepted Alevism in Turkey. The instance of Alevi individuality is both debatable and comfortable. Discussions between Alevis are centered on who is truly an Alevi and what Alevism is. Therefore, I have non been able to pull a rigorous boundary line line between non Alevi bookmans and Alevi bookmans. Even though I have read considerable sum of stuffs and have made really demanding literature reappraisal, I was unable to observe original religion of some bookmans. What I have besides come across during this reappraisal is some bookmans even did n’t utilize their original name due to the ground that there would be a possibility to hold awful fortunes which may be caused by extremist groups.

The first settled Turks migrated to Anatolia carried on their nomad tradition that they took from Cardinal Asiatic civilization on the stairss and tableland of Anatolia ; and at first case they preferred to settle down in metropoliss and low fields of Anatolia. In this difficult life manner under the rough climatic conditions, heavy day-to-day plants to transport on life made their life harder. Nomad Turkmen kins had to settle their collapsible shelters off from each other to profit more from the environmental chances ; accordingly this state of affairs lessened the communicating with other people within the closed life model.

The fact that people who are separated as nomad and settled did non even want to be comparative to each other has been capable in Anatolian literature history. Several nomad which carries the hints of ancient Turkish beliefs and Erdebil Lodge did non hold a opportunity to larn and populate written Islam wholly. The Namaz supplication of Islam seemed difficult to pattern because of the everyday day-to-day plants ; the fasting supplication was difficult to execute because of the difficult clime and life conditions ; the hadj visit was non completed because of the deprived economical conditions ; and the zekat charity had to be ignored because of the poorness and deficit. Furthermore, it must be taken into consideration that these nomads were off from the regular instruction chances given in metropoliss.

In this context, Alevi community likely found more appropriate to construe the Islam in an esoteric manner without disregarding its nucleus because of the effects of Sufi currents. This impetus without declining Islamic books and acting contrary to its nucleus constitutes the foundation of the Anatolian Alevism. The religious spread which can be felt by people indoors could hold been filled by overstating the love for Caliph Ali and Ahl al-Bayt in Islam. This declaration deepened as a consequence of false policies which see the differences as a factor to be dismissed alternatively of as profusion in civilization ; and they caused people to be more fixed about their sentiments and actions.

In the modern-day Anatolian Alevism, there are rather different sentiments among both Alevi and non Alevi bookmans about the definition of Alevism, roots of religion and

worship topics. Numerous sums of Alevi organisations and their fluctuation represent that there are different Alevi apprehensions. About the beginning of the name of “ Alevi ” , while a group of Alevi writer is believing that it is originated from the name of Caliph Ali ; another group suggests that word of Alevi has no relationship with Caliph Ali. These claims have non been propounded indiscriminately. These claims had non been respected by Alevis at the first clip they hypothesized ; so they confused people over the clip. An Islamic value which may be found in the name of Alevi may represent an obstruction to get the better of with that is forestalling them to make their marks for some groups. It is impossible to disregard the Islam ‘s connexion with Caliph Ali, one of the first Muslims, grown up by Prophet Muhammad, married to the Prophet Muhammad ‘s girl. Alternatively, to hold people bury Caliph Ali in Alevism will be more convenient manner. This group hence, claims that there is no connexion between the names of Alevi and Caliph Ali. It is evident that these types of claims are off from scientific and historical facts. The history of Alevism had been founded on Caliph Ali for centuries.

Caliph Ali is a common historical value for all Muslims. Anatolian Alevis had placed the Caliph Ali individuality which they have carried for centuries in the nucleus of their religion. It is widely known historical fact that Caliph Ali has extraordinary topographic point and he is profoundly respected and loved in Alevism. The love for Ali in the Alevi books is so great that it can non be ignored and carries the hints of love of Ahl al-Bayt. Some bookmans ( largely not Alevi bookmans ) who present the roots of Alevism as non-Islamic consistently embeds the thought that Caliph Ali is non a historical character ; he is indistinguishable with God ; it is a construct which represents glorification, a fabulous hero and symbol into the sub scruples of people. The group, who has an docket of interrupting off the Anatolian Alevis from Islam, wants to make an Alevism cult without Caliph Ali. However, this followed way has non been found appropriate by a bulk of the Alevi bookmans and it was criticized. It is of import to retrieve at this point that Alevi people besides to the full agree with Alevi bookmans ‘ statements and critics.

After reexamining treatments of bookmans from both cantonments and my qualitative research on Alevi people, I am able to state that religion in Allah and love for Allah has an irrevokable place in the Anatolian Alevism. In God apprehension of Alevis, the consequence of ‘unity of being ‘ is cardinal. Since the religion of God in Alevism was complicated with the Sufism elements, from this point, some Alevi bookmans exhibited many different apprehensions about God which do non hold with Alevism. When we investigate the religion of God in the written beginnings, it can be seen that. In the written beginnings, a God construct which is non rather different than Islam ‘s other Sufi religious orders can be encountered.. Beside the religion of God, religion in integrity is besides presented clearly.

The Anatolian Alevis sees The Quran as a holy book and they respect it. Besides, the Alevi tradition owns a content which puts the esoteric side of The Quran forward. In the Alevi literature, the written beginnings stress The Quran often ; and there is a significant sum of transitions about obeying the orders and limitations referenced in The Quran. Some Alevi bookmans ‘ claims about remotion or changing of original The Quran poetries There have non been any concrete look found in resources.

There are different beliefs about the life after decease among the non Alevi and Alevi bookmans. While a group of Alevi bookman was following construct such as Resurrection twenty-four hours, Armageddon, the sound span, heaven, snake pit ; another group which wants to show Alevism Islamic attack is wholly declining these constructs relevant with afterlife belief or they tend to accept reincarnation. Several transitions about the hereafter in written beginnings are considered subjectively even without paying attending to The Quran and Islamic nomenclature on intent.

There is no aberrance in Alevism from the nucleus of the Islam. They have a common apprehension with the other Muslims about the three rudimentss of Islam religion: believing in Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Resurrection twenty-four hours. Although all supplications are non refused by the Anatolian Alevism, applications of Alevi intellectuals and community present distinctions from the Sunni Muslims. While some non Alevi bookmans were believing that supplications can non be in the certain signifiers, most of Alevi bookmans interpret the supplications in an esoteric manner and refuses the public presentation of these supplications. The common sentiment which I besides agree ; in the Anatolian Alevism about the supplications is that the “ circle Namaz ” prayed during the “ Cem ” rites in “ cemevi ” is the “ Namaz ” supplication in Islam. About the fasting worship, the bulk of the Alevi groups fasts during the “ Muharrem ” . The “ Hajj ” worship is interpreted as “ esoteric ” and it is said that the existent “ Hajj ” is to win a human bosom and non to interrupt anybody ‘s bosom. The Zekat ( charity ) ecclesiastical jurisprudence is non important in the Anatolian Alevism. However, in the written beginnings, there are many registers same as the general Islamic worship manners. Furthermore, there are many information and advice about the demand to execute the worships and supplications during the regular day-to-day life.

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