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There are at least 7 hotels in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These are the Best Western Travel Inn, Green Acres Motel, Howard Johnson Hotel, Mississauga Gate Inn, Motel 27 Best Value Inn, New market Inn, Oak Inn.

In terms of business, these hotels adhere to the 4P and 4C functions of marketing. These are Product, Place, Price and Promotion and their related Consumer, Convenience, Cost, and Communication. (Kotler Chapter1) ;( Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)These hotels are in constant competition for regular and seasonal customers. Thus, they have all been strategically positioned in this relatively quite hotel industry.

The hotels are also applying latest technology to achieve efficiency of some of their functions. Due to their market class, they have earned themselves the name the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Hotels / Motels. The services of all these hotels can be classified according to the classes starting from one to five. Thereafter the accommodation is differentiated into Bed & Breakfast (BB); BB & Tourism Home (BB/ TH); Condo and Apartment (CA); Cottage / Vacation Home (C); Fishing and Hunting (F& H); Hotel and Motel (H&M); Inn (I); Resort (R).

(Greater Toronto Area Online); Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)BodyThe Best Western Travel Inn which is located at the Toronto Airport vicinity provides the opportunity for arriving passengers to relax from their respective jet lags. In terms of the 4P and 4C, its products and services include room accommodations and meals to the consumers. The accommodations at Best Western Travel Inn is a class 3 and is further differentiated into services of B&B. Their prices are very competitive and customers have the convenience doing their bookings by use of online technology.

They offer seasonal promotions such as Easter and Christmas special rates for their luxurious services and hospitality. (Kozak & Rimmington 273-283); (Best Western Travel Inn Online)They are also under the H&M category of services. They have awesome facilities with commendable security. The rooms have air conditioning facilities and the family suits have 4 baths each. The customer’s comfort has been crowned by the availability of TVs and service telephone lines.

Customers can use diners club and American express amongst other cards to do online booking. This hotel in on the lake shore road. They are located just five minutes from the Pearson Airport. (Best Western Travel Inn Online); (Kozak ; Rimmington 273-283)Best Western Travel Inn is also next to a fantastic golf course as well as a luxurious dining joint. The hotel offers free transport to the airport each hour. The hospitality of the guest is exclusive with a pack and fly service.

The staff ensures that our stay is memorable and attractive to future visits. (Best Western Travel Inn Online) ;( Kozak ; Rimmington 273-283)The second is Howard Johnson Hotel Toronto Markham. They have a large indoor pool for the customer’s entertainment. The customers stress is taken away by the sauna that is positioned as a whirlpool. The facility has also got an exercising room for the customers.

The room service is extremely convenient with a fridge, service telephone and internet with all cost to the hotel. Customers can also choose to iron from their rooms while those who love to cook can do so from the comfort of the microwave. The rooms have also been furnished with computer for customer’s to catch up with documentations. They are also 5 minutes of the 401 highway. Tourist will only have to drive for 30 minutes to the Wonderland and Toronto zoo. (Howard Johnson Hotel Online) ;( Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)The Mississauga Gate Inn is the third GTA hotel.

The rooms go for as little as $ 69 a night. The rooms are very well furnished as Condo that can be leased out on short durations. They have very comfortable two and one room facilities that have kitchens for those who prefer to cook. The rooms have a main air conditioner and heater plus internet access.

Customer can book for which ever period they like. Amazingly they have an unlimited call telephone line in the room. Online booking facility is also available. They also have a coffee and tea bar that comes in handy all days including the harsh winters. (Mississauga Gate Inn Online) ;( Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)The fourth is Motel 27 Best Value Inn.

They have a hygienic facility and the rooms have King and Queen Size comfortable beds. They also have got fridges and micro waving facility. After showers, the customer can access hair driers. After breakfast the customers can access internet right from their rooms. Customers can pay for service by use of either Canadian cash or other online payment methods such as visa and MasterCard. (Motel 27 Best Value Inn Online) ;( Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)The fifth piece of the GTA is the Newmarket Inn.

They are at Highway 11. They are a perennial hotel service provider who has goals of making the customers as relaxed as possible. They are only 35 minutes from Toronto and another 25 minutes from the famous Wonderland of Canada. This hotel provides real convenience to shopper and those seeking recreational services. (Newmarket Inn Online) ;( Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)Oak Inn makes the sixth M&H of the GTA.

For their clean and relaxing facilities, they have been able to attract very many customers. Their cost is just right .The facilities are very spacious with grand size beds. The jaccuzi has an adjacent small kitchen for the customer to make a cup of coffee just after a bath.

The restaurant is at a stone throw distance. Customers with preference for cool drinks will not be disappointed as fridge is available. Customers can also download movies from the accessible internet facility. Customer is also allowed to make local telephone calls. Every facility seems convenient including the payment systems that have now gone online to supplement cash system.

(Oak Inn Online); (Kozak & Rimmington 273-283)Last but not least is the Green Acres Motel. They too are part of the GTA. Their facility is very appealing to the customer’s. They have grand size beds as well and sauna baths. They offer customer cable TV and high-speed web access though which they can download movies at their convenience.

Their payment methods are equally creative as they have online links. The motel has a wide and secure parking space for all customers. They have got highly trained workers in the hospitality service and they also exhibit a lot of courtesy. (Green Acres Motel Online); (Kozak ; Rimmington 273-283)ConclusionIt can be summarily adduced that the GTA has got some of the Worlds leading hotel and motel facilities. The appealing products of Green Acres and Oak Inn make the customers keep coming back for future accommodation. The affordable prices of Mississauga Gate Inn and Best Western Travel Inn have made them the point of reference for customers who are medium class and low class.

The place and proximity of Best Western Travel Inn and that of New Market to the Toronto International Airport has been very convenient to customers who have come from far and near journey and require immediate jet lag relaxation. (Greater Toronto Area Online) ;( Kozak ; Rimmington 273-283)All the seven hotels and motels have got high speed internet that makes them able to promote their facilities worldwide as well as commentate to potential customers via email. The payment modernization is also another factor that has put these hotels and motels in the global hospitality map. The many differentiated services and amenities such as coffee and tea bars, hair driers, Jacuzzi and sauna baths, free transport to airport and pools are some of the facilities that are now becoming the centre of market competition between all these hotels and motels at the GTA. (Greater Toronto Area Online); (Kotler Chapter 1)

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