Hospitality and Restaurant Management chapter 5

Adjourning (team development)
When the team has achieved its purpose and members moved on to other tasks
Cross-functional team
Employees from different departments who focus on solving problems that impact their areas and the operation as a whole
Debrief meeting
A session in which the team leader asks all team members to evaluate all aspects of a project after it is completed
Forming (team development)
Stage 1, team members are getting to know each other and learning what they will have to do to reach their assigned goals
Functional team
Teams that perform the routine tests that are part of their job description
High performance team
Tesm whose members have an intense interest in making decisions and developing plans to help the operation reach its goals
Norming (team development)
Stage 3, team members settle their differences and develop more trusting relationships
Performing (team development)
Stage 4, the team members began to depend on each other
Problem solving team
Created for the specific purpose of having an immediate problem
Self directed team
Small group of employees who manage many daily issues within their functional team with little supervision
Storming (team development)
Stage 2, the reality of what the team is expected to do becomes clearer
First-rung managers who direct the work of entry level employees on their teams
Table turn
The number of times a table is used during a specific meal period
A group of people who work together to complete a task or reach a common goal
The act of cooperating and working together to complete task and reach common goals
Work ethic
Following a set of values based on the idea that there are benefits to work that include strengthening character
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