Hospitality and restaurant management chapter 3

A term that relates to portions of contracts that do not change when they are used with different parties
Chain of command
How authority flows from one management level to the next
the process of sending and receiving information by speech, gestures, or writing to receive a response or action
Constructive feedback
Focuses on specific aspects of performance and can be positive such as emphasizing desired performance, or negative such as addressing performance that should be improved
Environmental noise
Any sound such as loud talking or blaring radios, that interferes with communication
External communication
Builds the customer base and helps build and maintain the establishment’s desired identity throughout the community
How a person responds when he or she receive a message
Interdepartmental communication
Occurs between employees in different departments
Internal communication
Relates to messages of all types sent by managers to all employees
Interpersonal communication
Communication between people
Allow employees and teams to use the company’s private communications network to share information and ideas
The ability to focus on what a person is saying to understand the message being sent
Message channel
How the message will be communicated
Message context
The surroundings to which a message travels
Nonverbal communication
Movement in body language to convey a message
The person or persons for whom the message is intended
The person who sends the message to the receiver

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