HOSA Physical Therapy

accesory motion
Ability of joint surfaces to glide, roll, and spin on one another
active assisted range of motion
Joint movement in which the patient may be assisted either manually or mechanically through an arc of movement
active range of motion (AROM)
Ability of the patient to voluntarily move a limb through an arc of movement
active resisted exercise
Joint movement in which an external force resists the movement
activities of daily living (ADLs)
Activities in which individuals participate daily to meet their basic needs. Ex. bathing, dressing, and eating
adaptive equipment
Pieces of equipment that allow individuals to perform functional tasks with increased ease or independence
aerobic training
Exercise program that uses oxygen as the major energy source
Poverty of movements
American Physiotherapy Association (APA)
responsible for maintaining high standards and educational programs for physiotherapists
American Woman Pysical Therapeutic Association
First national organization representing physical therapeutics. Est. 1921 to maintain high standards and provide a mechanism to share information